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Sunday, 30 October 2016

They keep me locked up in this cage Can't they see it's why my brain says rage

I decided that what i needed on my chop was some forward control foot pegs. So I rang up the Harley shop and bought some....Yeah after that I shat solid gold bricks, had a stroll through Atlantis and shot some flying pigs with my boom stick. 
You should know me better than that. 
What I actually did was spend fucking hours fabricating something out of stainless steel , cutting and burning myself, running off to the shop to buy another 20L of Argon . Then realising that it may not work and may look a bit Shite. 

1st I quickly cobbled a footpeg together and went for a blast to see if it was in a happy place. It felt more natural than my mid pegs so I recon it was in the right place. 
So then I started welding a monstrosity from stainless bar. I'm actually mildly detain that it may look quite alright , on a dark night. 
After buying more welding gas I decided to try making a rear brake pedal . This was a design / method that I've never tried befor so let's just see how it turns out. 
Cut lots of wiggly bits of Stainless, drill loads of holes in one of them the weld em all together. 
Then I made up a peg and the swingy bolt Atachy thingy then my welding mask stopped masking my eyeballs from the welding. So I had to balance it all in place for the photo at the start . 
Well maybe it'll work and maybe it'll look OK. .