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Saturday, 31 January 2015

More Jiggy Jiggy

Preety much finnished the swing arm , I'm just gunna check it works befor final welding 

I bent ( what I meen is somebody bent it for me) the first part of my frame. 
The orriginal 2" 1.6 wall tube just creased . Luckily the fella in the workshop had some 1 3/4 stainless so he bent that . 
Looks like I'm gunna have a shiny spine on the frame. 
Then I finnished making my frame jig. 
Brad gave me a scare by telling me he was getting on really well with his build . 
So I quickly pissed around with the headstock so I can get my shit on. 

Brads bike. Getting there. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Getting Jiggy with it. And having a swinging time.

Made the 1st part of the TRUMPET-TRACKER. Today. 
After cob belong together a Jig . I then welded up a swing arm . 
Designing it was a bigger ball ache than I first imagined . But I think it should work. 
It all looks strait and parralllel. 
Here's to hoping it will swing up and down effortlessly propelling me to victory. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Swinging Triumph

I'm starting to build the swing arm for my trumpet-tracker. 
Or rather I'm gunna stick a lot of steel together that may or may not hold my back wheel in place whilst going up and down with the bumps. 
Designing and working one out from scratch is a lot more brain power than I expected. 
What with roller bearings clearing the frame, clearing the wheel and all that malarkey .
I found some steel plate in my stash so I wound up the naibours with some very unsociable angle grinding 

Then lots of drilling and more grinding then a soupson of fileing later and I had some lovely axle plates cut. 
Hay presto befor race season I should have something that resembles this. But without the poncy lights and brakes.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Motorcycle Museum.

I had to pop up to Oxford to look at a job , whilst there I poped into Co-Built to bend Geofs ear. 
Then I went to Brads to drink a pint , stand around and poke his new build. 
Brad was very cool and gave me a front wheel for my new project. 
Whilst up in that direction I popped (I've been doing a lot of "popping" lately) into the National Motorcycle Musem. So that I could measure an scope out the BSA TrackMaster , as that's what I'm basing my frame on.

They recon that the bike may have been used by Dave Aldana. What ever gave them that idea I'll never guess. If you don't know who he is , look him up . He's a bloody legand and even turned up at a SIDEBURN party.
If you ever go there just run strait through to the back, that's where all the cool shit is. 
I love cool shit.
This Manx replica was the last bike Barry Sheene raced. And he won. 
I love G50's if somebody offerd me a go, AHEMM. I'd be in like a tat up a drain pipe.

The mighty double Norton

Friday, 2 January 2015

Lovely Ladies

This ones for you Brad. 

Chris holder deciding which pair , sorry gate, to go for. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Flat track projects

Last seson my mate Brad had his RMX flat-tracker stolen.
So after cursing the ground that thieving scumbags walk on, he decided it was time to build a flat-tracker for this coming season. 
We know that "framers " ( bikes built rather than converted motorcrossers) look way better and there is a massive sence of achive ment when something you've built actually works and is competitive. 

Brad found this Knight frame in the states and with the help of Anthony at Co-Built got it shipped back. It has adjustable yolks and Yam R6 forks. 
All trackers except Vintage class and mini bikes have to use 19" wheels front and back and Maxxis DT1 tyres here in the uk , in the DTRA race series anyway. 
The motor is a 600cc Rotax this means that Brad can race in ThunderBike class ( anything 600cc or over) and he could also race in the restricted class ( not a rooky and not a pro , intermediate I guess) which is the class I currently run in.

As you may or may not know I am building a triumph framer for next seson so I'll be racing in the vintage and I think I'll use my YZF in the restricted class aswell. 
This is probebly one of the cheapest forms of Motorsport and has a great bunch of folk that are friendly and helpfull we even let French beat us every now and then ( makes em feel better) . 
Make an effort and get involved you'll love it. 



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