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Thursday, 18 August 2016

You are not what you eat. You are what you build.

Born out of swarf, made from a thousand bolts and nuts.
Fed on sweat, grease, gashed knuckles and cuts. 

Sleepless nights and weeks in the shed.
Making real the dream in your head.

Days spent, cutting, welding and grinding all in vein.
Throw it across the workshop, then start again.

Hot metal glows, imitating the sun.
Transfixed by the pool of weld about to run.

Create a sculpture, so much more than form.
Kick into life, now a purpose is bourn.

Engine pulsing, pushing oil though veins.
Throttle and leavers replace bridle and reins. 

Hot river flowing inches from your feet.
Throttle open, into the sunrise, to friends we meet. 

Body tense against the wind, eyes fixed on the curve.
Mind relaxed and mulling but ready for the swerve. 

Gas station loonies, strung out from the road.
Sausage, coffee, quick piss and another 9 euro load. 

Only one mishap, but three thousand miles cool.
The last mile is the most dangerous, stay awake, beware the 3 second rule. 

Alex's evo
The longest chop I saw in Sweden and my favourite ( another photo another time)
Old school Sat Nav . Is she board?
The lamorgini had to park next to a cooler vehicle 
Idiot magnets
Pride in the cobbles
3 lovely ladies and one grinning idiot 
The Beatles ain't got nothing on our coolness 

A real pint
The great big lake at Jonkopping
Bitching clubhouse. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Well I was rollin' down the road in some cold blue steel, I had a bluesman in the back, and a beautician at the wheel.

After drinking Beer, whisky and Wodka an partying hard (for a man that is normally in bed at 9:00) 
We left the safe inbrace of Jonkoping and rode west to see Susan off at the Airport. 
We then rode North to Uddevalla and got soaked. 
Our plan was to ride into then down through Norway , but it appears that THE 50 YEAR storm decided to fuckup our plans. 
We were proper fucked, totally hung over and in need of no beer and sleep. 
So that's what we got
So we turned around and ran away south now in a very nice hotel , not got wet balls and feeling the warm glow from a pint of Guiness. 
My lovely wife had a 1st today. Today was the 1st time she had fallen off of s bike. 
I heard something fall from my bike so I pulled over, into some gravel , too fast , grabbed a Handfull of front brake and before I knew it she was telling me to get the bike off of her leg. Oh how we laughed afterwards....
I had an issue with my motor torque arm thing snapping so we made it good with the help of Lassa and of coarse I could not have done it without the big Dutchman looking on and yawning. 
Long bikes at the party of our friends Cheyene MC 
My lovely 

Friday, 5 August 2016

I was schooled with a strap across my back

After spending a wet evening in karlskrone were we maneged to see a sound check for a band called The Bones ( they were very cool), we woke to sunshine and the promise of a glorious ride up to Jonkoping . 

The road was quiet , nicely smooth and lined with trees bordering the occasional lake. 
Sweden is everything I imagined , it is so neurofibromas ( that was a spellcheck for beautiful ) and peaceful . 
The ride was stunning and we only got very wet for about 20 mins . But we stopped for the odd Swedish sausage ( not a youthanism) to power up with energy . 
We arrived in Jonkoping and my torque arm / engine stabiliser broke for the second time. 
But our good friends Lassa, Mia, danna cooked us great food , served us cold beer and helped me pull the broken part from my bike. Today Lassa is going to try to make me a new one whilst pretending to work. 
Be wary of the comment below, listing all the porn . I don't know him and he ain't no friend of mine so if you get curios and click on it and  get spammed then don't moan at me. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

You can tell there my old blue jeans from the smell of oil and gasoline

We didn't really see a lot of Denmark ( what I meet is that we didn't stop and wonder around. )
What I did see from threw the lens of my goggles was a wet green landscape, sparsely populated with the odd cool house. 
We rode across the bridge ( the one from the program " the bridge" ) it was fecking windy . 
Up to that point I wasn't enjoying myself , my bike was playing up to start with then my oil light started blinking on . I think the oil light issue is just a fucked sensor . 
The 1st thing we saw in Sweden was this Swedish chop. Maybe the tourist board sent it out just to make us feel welcome , it worked . 

Sweden is bloody lovely . 

Monday, 1 August 2016

As I ride out of the sunset on my colour TV screen.

After a buisy weekend drinking beer at the Hayride we left the M25 area west of The big Smoke and 11hrs later and a bloody epic ride we arrived at Alex's house. 
My torque arm broke (the one I made) befor we reached the hayride, but Alex's friend welded it up for me . 
We got some relaxing then it's off to Denmark tomorrow. Yeeeeaaaas