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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cosmic sunshine

This is Brad getting a feel of his new flattrack bike. Obviously dreaming of short tracks ( if was the mile he would have his left hand clamped to his fork leg. )
I assume he's practicing , either that or his beard is snagged in the sprocket again.

Today I had a day just pootleing around my shed , wood burner crankin an Brian Harris callin the tunes on my radio. 

I got a bit over excited an decided to go for a blast over the moors on my Duke.  We got no snow here but it was bloody icey and I nearly ended up on my arse more than once. 

I stopped to get some pictures of the deep ice blue sky and the sun pinging off of the aluminium tank, majestic frost coverd moor land rolling off into the distance . But I had no camera (that's why you got a lovely picky of Brad)

Friday, 26 December 2014

A new year

Here's to another year on the planet. 

More shed time, race time, riding time and big adventures

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Since it's nearly Cristmas I thought I would share a picy of a lovely Dodge Charger. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cutting up a perfectly good motor.

Today I stripped the Triumph motor down to see what cams I had in it. They are not the 3134's that I would like so I'll sort that . 
"That's not a Triumph motor you bloody tosser" I hear you shought . True. This is my sportster lump for my chop. 
I decided that the motor needs to be smartend up a touch . So I pulled the cam cover off , pilled in (with out a thought to my personal safety ) and cut some crap off of the case to make it a more pleasing shape. 

Then I poured on the paint stripper. This was as much good as a chocolate fire guard .
I got board waiting for it to not work so I set too it with the flapper disc on my grinder, removed all the paint (and a fair bit of aluminium ) then buffed it flat on my scotch brite type wheel thingymabob. 
It not looks suitably old and a bit cooler . There for making it more suited for my chop. 
I was so pleased with the result I went to the pub an consumed a whole pint of beer.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Just got my head and barrels back from the engineer . Bloody good bloke has put in the elbow grease and done a great job with some very shagged parts. 
I got new valves, guides and seats . And he has skimmed the head and barrels given it a hone. And a very light port. There was some other stuff that needed attention aswell that he sorted. Somebody had done a crap job of boaring the head to fit bigger barrels , so he made some inserts and got all that nicely fitting. 
Now I'm gunna check the cams and he will help me check clearances and time everything up. 
Then I can start building the frame soon . Which is quite exiting.