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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Just got my head and barrels back from the engineer . Bloody good bloke has put in the elbow grease and done a great job with some very shagged parts. 
I got new valves, guides and seats . And he has skimmed the head and barrels given it a hone. And a very light port. There was some other stuff that needed attention aswell that he sorted. Somebody had done a crap job of boaring the head to fit bigger barrels , so he made some inserts and got all that nicely fitting. 
Now I'm gunna check the cams and he will help me check clearances and time everything up. 
Then I can start building the frame soon . Which is quite exiting. 

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benchdonkees said...

So many projects Rob, so little time! I'm massively impressed by how much you get done dude!