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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Last night my rear wheel bearing on my Sportster collapsed. luckily it happened on a slow road and not on the duel carrageway...
I was gunna finnish my pipes last night but insted i had to wait 1hr 45 for a pickup truck.
So first thing this morning i got up and got my Triumph running (the points had closed) so that i could ride to the bike shop and get some bearings. 
Then i repaired my Sportster just to realise that the drive belt was Knackerd.
Now for some reson i cant upload pictures on my blog

Monday, 27 August 2012


My TIG welder broke so i thought "FUCK IT I'LL GO FOR A RIDE". But my Triumph wouldn't start. So ,sweating my tits off, i pushed my Sportster out of the shed, only for it to fall against my Pagero (Spanish for wanker) and broke my indicator lens, the fucking thing is supposed to go on sale next week. 
I eventually went for a ride and it BLOODY PISSED IT DOWN.
But i did manage to mount the pipes and i think they look FAN DABY DOSEY.  

Saturday, 25 August 2012

TURN IT UP TO 11..... (check out the cool bikes in the background aswell)


 I'm not keen on the paint job but it's a very cool chop. 
 Oh so much promise. 
Absolutely bloody brilliant  pre-unit Triumph chop.


 I had an afternoon in the shed today so i battled on making Beelzebubs' Britches....
I bent, formed and welded some baffles.
 Looks like it will do the trick and with a bit of 8mm bar welded in the end ill be able to pull the fuckers out and tweek them.
So i made the other silencer and two baffles. Not bad for a few hours work.
Yup i'm diggin that.
I was so chuffed that Me and Mrs Oliy Rag went for a pint.

Friday, 24 August 2012


What do you do on a rainy day off?
First you buy a t'shirt from the lovely, and very talented, people at http://rocksolidmotorcycles.blogspot.co.uk/
Then you go to the pub with your equally lovely and talented wife.
Then you drink beer and eat chips.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Excuse the photos my camera has gone TITS UP (broke)
The other day i said that the little baffle i made for my exhaust didn't do anything. Well after riding to work i realised that i was talking utter crap, again, and it has actually improved things a bit.
This put me on a mission to make some new end cans. I was thinking that 2 megaphone silencers would look cool as hell and sound as loud and fruity as SATANS' TROUSERS...
 So i went and got myself 1 meter of 3" stainless tube. I love going to the metal shop and getting some new steel, a length of steel has so much promise.
 Simply cut a 1' section (30cm if like me your metric) and cut a triangular section.
then squeez and work it. I still have my friends oxy-acetylin so that came in usefull, then i clamped the tube in shape with some jubily clips. 

 Then i had to sit and have a Guinness so that i was calm enough to weld, You can't TIG weld in a hurry it just dosn't work. 
I think that may look bloody ace.
 just one more to make then bolt in baffels and a link pipe.
Then the fuckers will hear me coming.

Monday, 20 August 2012


 I was looking through my DICE magazine and was checking out, for the 3rd time the Mullins Tech    feature ( i'm well impressed, everything looks so neat).
So i then Googled MULLINS CHAINDRIVE and i am bloody amazed.
Have a look.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


 Ive been flat out this weekend. 
We made a start on clearing the garden that was becoming a jungle.
I finished Dowies frame.
went for a bicycle ride.
fitted a car stereo.
And tinkered with the exhaust on my Harley.

 The Harley has never ran aswell with this new pipe as opposed to the one i had on there originally
so i had a look at the old silencers and tryed to reproduce the baffle in my new silencer.
I'm glad it only took me 30mins as it made no differance at all...


 Yesterday i finished Dowies Frame. 
So this morning i mocked it up with my Harley front wheel and a flat rear wheel as i was curios to see how it would look. It will sit level once it has a tyre with air and the forks on properly.
Dowie came round to collect it and i'm glad to say that he was as happy as a pig in shit. 
I had a huge feeling of pride as i handed it over and now it's his turn to burn the midnight oil and finnish the bike.
 As you can see i managed to borrow an oxy-acetylin kit to braze some lugs. 
I love brazing, i must get myself a gas welder.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


 very cool old picture of a sporster chop and an amazing mustache..
 I love the lines of this Shovel.

 Paughco  sportster chop
 This young lady seems to have forgotten to put her clothes on but at least she will have a warm head. Very cool chop aswell

Thursday, 16 August 2012


 Thanks to Moik for this one. looks like 2x RD350 LC motors. ABSOLUTLY BONKERS.
 Thanks to Ben for this. From A LOVELY  Honda XL 600
 Great IRON HEAD chop.
I Know it has 4 wheels but i bet it's fast as 'hell with the shits'.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


 There is nothing better on a summers day than to go to the village show and wander around a field full of 
  • Dog Shows
  • Cake stalls 
  • Ferret Racing 
  • Vintage Vehicles
  • Jumble Sales 
  • Sheep Shearing
  • And the BIG Vegetable  Competition

 This show had not much of that but it did have some cool vehicles..

Sunday, 12 August 2012


 Wow we have just hit the over 30000 views (nearly as many miles as my bike has done)
The reson why i started this blog was so that my friends could keep up to date with the progress of the latest bike i was destroying. 
Another reson is that i'm writing a book about 3 fuckwits (friends) that ride 3500 miles to a bike party in Hungary, and back.
I was riding my FZ750 rat bike, Rich was on his EXUP1000 that we had just put a new motor in the night before leaving and Jimbo rode a really tidey GSXR750 streetfighter that broke down befor he had left his house.
The book is nearly finished (not a mean feet for a dislexic technophobe that has never writen before) . I was hopeing that if it gets published i will be able to let you all know so that you could buy a copy and then i could buy a SHOVELHEAD...
 I was feeling absolutely amazing as I rode the short distance to the petrol station, nothing could have put me on a downer not even the site of Jim looking into his engine with a ratchet in one hand, a rolled up ciggie in the other, wearing his pissed off face. Jims pissed off face isn’t much different from his other face and Richie was stood in the background, grinning like a possum, eating wasps, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. Or was it…
“Morning Jimbo! What the fucks goin on?”
“Fucking piece of shit bike started running on 3 cylinders before I left the end of my road.”
“You should have had this sorted out and ready ages ago Jimbo.”
“Piss off!” replied Jim, the master of vocabulary.
Jim had had his bike ready months before me and Rich, so this was exactly how I thought this short but amusing conversation would pan out. In fact we were still fitting another engine into Rich’s bike two nights ago and only a week before I had pulled my bike out of the hedge it called home. Gave it a new layer of satin black, a back seat and charged the battery. As usual Jim was fully prepared but Rich and Me had left it very late, to get our shit together. Rich likes to think that he is always prepared ahead of schedule, but like me I think the saying; “The last minute is the most important because if it wasn’t for that, then nothing would ever get done.”

 Riding into the night, past Stonehenge and round the M25. I had the throttle nailed wide open, crouched behind the screen, singing ‘Hawkwind, Motorway city’. This is a song I always sing to myself when I’m ’in the zone’. The song fitted in perfectly with the quiet open lanes, bathed in the false orange glow created by the myriad of lights snaking into the distance. All the efforts of the day slipped away as I sped across the country soaking up the undulations of the road, the engine howling as the bike took the corners effortlessly.
It’s at times like these, when your mind is completely focused on everything that you are doing and all your surroundings, that you enter a state of ‘Zen’ calmness. The only thing you can be aware of is what you are doing, at that time and at that place and right now I was loving being where I was and doing what I was doing. This is a feeling, I think; you can only get on a motorcycle. Open to the elements it feels almost like your gliding a few feet above the warm hard tarmac, like an albatross gliding inches above the cold dark ocean.

 What happened next was the second time I’d nearly killed myself (that I know about.) The first time I nearly met the reaper was when I was very young. I pushed a penny in between the prongs on a plug and plugged it in, blowing a hole in the wall and me across the room. I think my dad had to revive me. My mum still has the melted penny somewhere. I think she needs reminding every now and then that I’ve always been an idiot.
 At this point a fella walked into the pub and towards our table. It was the bloke we had seen outside his campervan, watching us as we rode in. (It turns out that what I had assumed was an air of nosey-ness about him or a look of disgust, at our loud filthy bikes, was in fact a look of awe and admiration; as we were soon about to find out).
“Hi can I sit with you and buy you a beer.” He said in his broken English. “My name is Martin. My wife thinks I’ve gone for a shower” (he waved his towel and wash bag at us to illustrate the point)” But really I want to come and drink a beer with you men. I saw you ride in and I was thinking it would be much fun to drink beer and talk with you instead of my wife.” 

Saturday, 11 August 2012


 Saturday is always SWEDISH CHOP DAY. 
some are new.
 Some are old.
I love this picture, She looks like she is having a blast..
 Nice.. but if she just moved over a bit we might get a look at a nice Panhead
 This orange one is my favorite.. It's a Shovel of coarse.
Evo chop, fully loaded for the road