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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I have come to the conclusion that my Ducati is not that great when it comes to racing on the small tracks that we have in this country. I think that the size and shape of the engine means that the wait is distributed too far back and the bike is a little too tall.

So I am going to build something more suited for the next season. 
Only problem is WHAT ?
That is not my Ducati above but it is lovely and it looks very lean. 
Maybe i could use my motor, swivel backward so that i can get the front wheel closer and make a new twin shock frame?

Above is a Ron Wood Norton. 
This i what i would love to build, But the engine is would cost me a fortune.

Another thought was to use a BSA A65 motor. ( I used to have an A50 motor ,it was quick and so smooth (my mate thought it was slow and crap but i liked it). Same problem. Too bloody expensive.
BenchDonkeys sugested that use an XS650 motor but i still think that they are over priced.

Most people that i race with use Rotax or XT motors, big singles would be the way to go.
You can pick up a donor bike real cheep and the big single is torquey and small.
But that is what everyone uses ( I know everyone uses them for a very good reson but i am not everyone and i like making my life a little more difficult).

My mate Rich sugested that maybe i could use a GPZ 500 motor (dead cheep ) but i think a little ugly. 
But he also sugested using an MZ motor. I do like 2strokes , but im not sure how well the MZ would fair but  its small, light and has a wide powerband.
Why am i typing this instead of trawling through Ebay ? because i have spent the last 4 or 5 nights trawling through Ebay and I dont like Ebay, only problem is i always get drawn back to Ebay, its a love hate think.

Monday, 26 August 2013


It has been a long time since i saw an Rd 500 and i dont think i've ever seen one this tidy.
I hope it is a fast as it looks.
I wouldnt want to ride it, just incase i was disapointed.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

BUXTON sliperyer than dear guts on a door knob

After a full on build up to the show and the show it's self. A 6 am drive to Buxton was a bloody nightmare.
But the race track was in a bloody amazing place, a bit like where i live but Effin miles away.
The track was deep, deep mud and grit, there was no grip and ruts hide an elephant in.
If you cant see me above it because i spent most of my time like below.
Thanks to http://benchdonkees.blogspot.co.uk/ for the picture.

One race was like a fucking demolition derby. So many people were falling, the race got stopped a couple of times and an ambulance was used to remouve a poor bastard. i was fucked. i was looking at the ambulance, thinking,
 ' I just have to make it to the end'.
But when the race started again i started working my way up the field, i had made it to 2nd place then on the last corner. i fell.
Everytime i fell (4 bastard times) it was in excatly the same spot. Then whilst i was on the floor, Tom rode intro the back of my bike, It wasn't his falt he just couldnt avoid me. Plus i was taking the piss so i probley deserved it.
 But as always the place was full of very cool people so it was still a great day racing.

Next race is Rye house Essex 
Sun 15th of sep.
come and see me rolling in the dirt again!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


If you were wondering how we got my bike on the glass table click HERE

Monday, 19 August 2013


 At last the show arived and there was a steady stream of bods through the place.
I had to do a Radio interview in the morn and the rest of the day was a blur.
The weather was a bit crap and that stopped loads of poeple from coming.
But it was real nice to hang around with Ben P , Adi and Ben C not frgeting the Vonzetis .



Some scumbag has just stolen my mates ironhead chopper, It was taken some time today from Port Dundas in Glasgow, Scotland, it's a 79 sporty with a weld on hardtail, repop springers, please can you repost this where ever you are, even if you are not in the U.K people here still read your blogs, if you get offered this bike or any part of it please contact me on 07913325297. We want it back

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Raffle on sat nightat the Bristol bike show

                                           RAFFLE  Prizes called at 3.00 pm

                                                         PRIZES Include
 a Helmet donateted by Mikes speed and machine shop and Pin-striped by the                                      Patron on Paint  VonLeadfoot.
A  Vonzeti seat.
Greasy fingers T' shirt
Betties  Vintage  T' shirt
And Champagne.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

THIS WEEKEND AND ITS ALL FREE (for you, costing me a fucking packet)

This Sun im racing at Buxton .
Free entry for spectators
Dont forget THIS SAT 10 till 4  In the middle of Bristol.
OIL BASED An exhibition of very cool shit. With the Bristol bike show near theindoor market     BS1 2EL.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


 A Fella visited my friend last week, to talk to him  about solar pannels.
Turns out that this bloke is into really cool shit. 
Scott, i think they were called Scott Squirels. theise bikes were desighned and built in Britain in about 1935 and i seem to remember that they were desighned by a German bloke. But i could be wrong, as you know almost everything on my blog is compleete bullshit. 
Any way these 2 stroke watercooled twins where years ahead of there time, It was fucking yonks till Yamaha made the hooligan RD lc.
Abouve is said bloke racing at Cadwell and below is him trying to set a recourd for fastest Squirell.
I have seen a bloody fast squirell when my dog was chasing it.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


MR Von LeadFoot sent me some of his artwork to display at the Exhibition in Bristol .
His Artwork is bloody luvly. 
In the background is a snnek preview of the Bash Hat that he has painted for some lucky bastard to win. IT COULD BE YOU If you make the effort come along and buy a raffle ticket
Also a big thankyou to "Matts Machine Shop" in Bristol the helmet he sent is very nice 
It fits me lovely so it must be  a 56 small.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 It was anew month but i nearly forgot about the cheeky lady from Sthil
As a bonus here is a cow in  a tree.

Monday, 5 August 2013


Last week whilst i was at the Hotrod Hayride i chanced upon a pin-striper. I loved the look of his work so i tryed to hook up with him on sat nt, as he was watching the hill climb, to see if he would be up for displaying his tallent at the show   OIL BASED    that i am organising in Bristol on the 17th of Aug.
Well i never got to meet Mr Von-Leadfoot as he was the poor bugger that got ran over by a hotrod at the hill climb.
Gold Leaf Pinstriping with gilded border, 23 karat gold
Well i have spoke to Mr VonLeadfoot since. Unfortunatly he cant be at the show but he is sending me some of his work to display. Also he will Pin-stripe a helmet for us to raffle off (for the Princes trust).
So i rang 'Riders" in Bristol and Bridgwater ( the Harley dealership) to see if they would donate a helmet in exchange for some advertising. "What a load of unhelpful bastards" 
So i Spoke to Ben Cheshire (the screen printer that will be at OIL BASED)
he works in a bike shop and his boss is sutch a bloody top bloke that he is giving me a bash hat to be Pin-striped for the raffle.
So cut a long story short, go to Matts speed shop for anything for you bike because he is nice