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Monday, 5 August 2013


Last week whilst i was at the Hotrod Hayride i chanced upon a pin-striper. I loved the look of his work so i tryed to hook up with him on sat nt, as he was watching the hill climb, to see if he would be up for displaying his tallent at the show   OIL BASED    that i am organising in Bristol on the 17th of Aug.
Well i never got to meet Mr Von-Leadfoot as he was the poor bugger that got ran over by a hotrod at the hill climb.
Gold Leaf Pinstriping with gilded border, 23 karat gold
Well i have spoke to Mr VonLeadfoot since. Unfortunatly he cant be at the show but he is sending me some of his work to display. Also he will Pin-stripe a helmet for us to raffle off (for the Princes trust).
So i rang 'Riders" in Bristol and Bridgwater ( the Harley dealership) to see if they would donate a helmet in exchange for some advertising. "What a load of unhelpful bastards" 
So i Spoke to Ben Cheshire (the screen printer that will be at OIL BASED)
he works in a bike shop and his boss is sutch a bloody top bloke that he is giving me a bash hat to be Pin-striped for the raffle.
So cut a long story short, go to Matts speed shop for anything for you bike because he is nice

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