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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I have come to the conclusion that my Ducati is not that great when it comes to racing on the small tracks that we have in this country. I think that the size and shape of the engine means that the wait is distributed too far back and the bike is a little too tall.

So I am going to build something more suited for the next season. 
Only problem is WHAT ?
That is not my Ducati above but it is lovely and it looks very lean. 
Maybe i could use my motor, swivel backward so that i can get the front wheel closer and make a new twin shock frame?

Above is a Ron Wood Norton. 
This i what i would love to build, But the engine is would cost me a fortune.

Another thought was to use a BSA A65 motor. ( I used to have an A50 motor ,it was quick and so smooth (my mate thought it was slow and crap but i liked it). Same problem. Too bloody expensive.
BenchDonkeys sugested that use an XS650 motor but i still think that they are over priced.

Most people that i race with use Rotax or XT motors, big singles would be the way to go.
You can pick up a donor bike real cheep and the big single is torquey and small.
But that is what everyone uses ( I know everyone uses them for a very good reson but i am not everyone and i like making my life a little more difficult).

My mate Rich sugested that maybe i could use a GPZ 500 motor (dead cheep ) but i think a little ugly. 
But he also sugested using an MZ motor. I do like 2strokes , but im not sure how well the MZ would fair but  its small, light and has a wide powerband.
Why am i typing this instead of trawling through Ebay ? because i have spent the last 4 or 5 nights trawling through Ebay and I dont like Ebay, only problem is i always get drawn back to Ebay, its a love hate think.


Brad Hardman said...

I've been having the same problem myself. I really want a thunderbike but I like being different. I've been trying to think of a light revvy twin but aint much like that about!

OILY RAG said...

Speed is just a question of money...
How fast do ya wana go?

Brad Hardman said...

How fast can you afford to go... is always the question. Also the sign hung outside the garage in mad max.

OILY RAG said...

well done Brad. you get an extra beer for realising the connection.

Tomfoolery said...

I've had a go on an Er650 and they're a hoot. Rev nice and quickly and successful in the US. Not sure on their short track performance, though.

VonZeti Cafe Racer Products said...

I'm excited by the thought of a new project!!! Have you considered Jawa? Greetings from team VonZeti!


OILY RAG said...

Im sure the ER 650 would be cool but it would also be quite pricey for a donor (they are quite new.
That Jawa looks preety cool though