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Sunday, 11 August 2013


 A Fella visited my friend last week, to talk to him  about solar pannels.
Turns out that this bloke is into really cool shit. 
Scott, i think they were called Scott Squirels. theise bikes were desighned and built in Britain in about 1935 and i seem to remember that they were desighned by a German bloke. But i could be wrong, as you know almost everything on my blog is compleete bullshit. 
Any way these 2 stroke watercooled twins where years ahead of there time, It was fucking yonks till Yamaha made the hooligan RD lc.
Abouve is said bloke racing at Cadwell and below is him trying to set a recourd for fastest Squirell.
I have seen a bloody fast squirell when my dog was chasing it.

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Hairy Larry said...

Yes, and there was a bike based on the Scott motor built into the '70's...that I can't remeber the name of right now...I'll get back to you on that...(a little help out there...anyone...?)