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Monday, 26 December 2016

And Sally buys her underwear From a store where no one goes She makesit big in photographs On the strength of what she shows

This year has been preety bloody unreal concerning how many tellented folk have died. 
Ziggy ,Waylon and now Rick Parfet being just a few . 
But nearly exactly a year ago , Dec 28 Lemmy died. 
I'm not gunna bleat on about how a star was taken from us befor his time. Because he lived a full life, a life that he absolutely wrung the last drop from. He absolutely nailed the persona of the Rock star , abusing his body with drugs and booze and touring hard right to the end. Let's face it "his time " was up years ago but sombody must have forgot to tell him. 
After all the abuse and hard partying it wasn't the booze and drugs that finished Lemmy , it was fucking Prostate Cancer. 
Thank god he didn't die on the bog after eating one too many burgers. 
He died at 70 still with all his marbles in tact and still hitting the JD. 

I have a fond yet slightly hazy memories of when I was 18 . 
My mate got his first flat, that ment it was also mine and a few other friends 1st flat. We went round there one night, of our tits on some little pieces of coloured cardboard, and sat on a piece of rolled up carpet and listened to the radio. The radio and carpet were the only furniture in the flat. 
Whilst cutting strips off of the carpet and burning them on the fire we listened to a phone-in on the radio. This is what we heard. 
Caller: Yeah I met someone famous once. 
DJ: who's that then. 
Caller: Well I was in the street and I saw Lemmy on the other side of the road . So thought , well I could not let this opportunity pass so I went over and said "Ello". 
DJ: really ? Are you sure it was Lemmy ? Lemmy From Motörhead.?
Caller . Yes . It was defiantly him . You know , rings and warts and cowboy boots . 
So anyway I chatted to him an he was right nice and asked me what I did as a job an I told him I was a milk man. 
" fuck me , you must have to get up early for that" he says.  Yeah I get up at 3am I told him. 
Well he didn't believe me . Honest he wouldn't have any of it . "No body gets up at 3am for work that's Bullshit". 
Well I wouldn't believe me so he says that he will come back to my house , crash on my sofa and see fir himself. 
DJ : so Lenmy went back to your house just to satisfy his curiosity? I don't believe that. 
Caller: yeah man . No shit . This actually happened. 
DJ: so what happened then. 
Caller: well he kipped on my sofa and when I got up at 3am he liffted his head and said "well Fuck me!" Then went back to sleep. So I went off to work and when I got back he was gone . 

I'm not sure how true the story was but I love it and I'm sure it's just the sort of thing that he would have done. 
I'm glad you made my little part of the world what it is. 
The 1st album is still an absolute killer and all recorded in one night. 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Underneath the city, the alligators sing. Of how the fool he cannot dance, when someone cuts the strings.

After the 4th attempt I have finally made something that both looks cool and ain't as floppy as a thespians hand shake. 
They still flex a bit but they are about 6" long. 
Now to make the controls. 
I know I could have bought some forward controls already made but that would be too easy.