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Saturday, 29 September 2012


 I had a buisy day and great plans for the Sportster.
This is all the parts i needed to fit today. 
A rear tyre. A chain drive conversion kit.
And a sprocket bearing to stop my wheel bearings from colapsing and leaving me in a jibbering wreck on the hard sholder. 
On the left is the bearing spacer that my friend Paul made for me .
 Well,,,,, I maneged to fit the bearing and the tyre but the FUCKING chain drive i nearly threw across the road.
Incase you haven't seen one of my very early posts, you can see above HOW TO BREAK THE BEAD on your tyre..
Its only £15 to have a shop do your tyre for you but its 20min's down the road then you have to wait another 30 mins then drive back. I'm not tight i'm just short on time so iIchange my tyres myself...
 This is the reason i couldn't fit my Chain-Drive. The sprockets are smaller so the chain will burn through the mount for the rear foot pegs. I thought about lots of ways to get around this but in the end i thought "FUCK IT ILL JUST PUT A BELT DRIVE BACK ON IT"
 Someone who had a more productive day than me was my Girl Jo.
We sanded the paint off her skateboard the she sprayed it.
 Then painted it.
How cool is that????

My day wasn't all that bad though as i did fit my tyre and bearing and i was totally buzzing to see Jo happy with her skateboard.
But what topped it off as we took the dogs for a walk and happend across a small village gathering with some amazing live music and good beer... RESULT.

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Jim my good friend in Austrailia
(You may remember the very nice TRX that he built) has just bought himself a new project.
That's a R1 front end 

Monday, 24 September 2012


 Took the hacksaw to the Ducati frame over the weekend, No going back now.
The seat is starting to take shape aswell.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dimitri Coste

This is Dimitri Coste, he is a French man 
with style by the bucket load. He was racing at DIRTQUAKE on a BSA and also
raced one of KrazyHorses' Harleys  that he crashed. he has a Triumph that he has raced, 
or is trying to race, in every different class.
Click on the link below to see a great video.(its only short) 

Saturday, 22 September 2012


 Manx Norton . Anything in that colour does it for me
 G50. bloody amazing
 My teacher at collage used to race a Rudge, it was a bloody animal.
 Lovely Triton and it's not Raw ally
 BSA A65 or A50 digger. I used to have an A50, it was the nicest bike to ride but my mates hated it because it was so slow.
 Gary Nixon going very fast, very sideways. on a Triumph of course..
Vincent black shadow. Cheaper to buy a house...

Friday, 21 September 2012


From Yuka from  http://metalhammers.lv/en/
 Craaazzzzzy Dutchmans Evo   (Motorhead is photo shopped but should be there, i think)
My girl and me

MOTORHEAD-Iron Horse-Born to lose

Thursday, 20 September 2012


 During a conversation (via Blog) with Rock Solid Motorcycles. I realised that it might be cool if I shared a cool bit of info with every one.
If you need a small back light for your Chop you can buy a nice neat light (the kind they hang all around a lorry cab), this shouldn't cost you much.
The thing is that the light will only have a single filament bulb fitting.
So buy a single filament LED BULB  and a packet of assorted resistors . both of these should cost the same as a 6 pack of beer (deliverd).
Then if you solder the resistor in-line on the main backlight feed then bypass that resistor with the brake light feed, JUST LIKE THE LOVELY DIAGRAM ABOVE, then you should have a great looking a perfectly brilliant stop and tail light.
Try using a 100 ohm resistor , if like me you arnt a boffin then try a few different ones untill your happy.

I got this jem of information from an American bike mag called The Horse (back street choppers).
I thought it a bit scary wireing resistors into my loom but i Did it on my Triumph and it works great. plus you only have two wires to your back light ( one if you earth it through the body)
 The bottom pic' shows the break light on. The photos don't really show much. but you get the general idea.


 I finished work early today as i had to take myself and the kids to the dentist.
Which ment i could go home and beat the crap out of some aluminium.
I spend all day beating the crap out of huge bits of Oak but beating the crap out of Metal really knackers you out, after a while.
 But i am getting close to getting the seat in some kind of recognisable shape...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


 Today i made a wooden former. My plan is to beat the crap out of a bit of aluminium, around the former until it looks great. 
I will probably make it from 3 pieces and rivit it together, if it looks like a bit of aircraft that would be cool..

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I'm running out of pictures for Swedish Saturday, I can't keep steeling from other blog sites. So you will have to send me some pictures. Email robgecko2001@yahoo.co.uk and include your address so i can send you a sticker or a biscuit or something.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


 ANSWER: Take all the bits off..
The Ducati "Flat-track" project has just started and it already looks better.
I need to fit different forks, yolks (Trees, if your American) and wheels as i need more turning movement to stop me getting 'high-sided into a fence' and i need to fit 18" wheels so that i can run the right tyres.
I'm gunna try and make ally seat and tank.  should look cool. 
It is sooooo light i cant wait till i get it on the DIRT..
All these bits will be for sale, including the forks and wheels. I have to repair the tank first as it has a small hole undernieth Email me: robgecko2001@yahoo.co.uk   before it goes on Ebay.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


 I havent posted on my blog for a while as i've been trying to find a way to publish my book.
But here are some photos from the European Drag finals that i missed.
All these were taken by Paul a Stag that was obviosely too sober (you should be face down in last nights dinner if its your stag doo.

Check out the tyres warping in the top pick'.
 This citroen body looks so cool.

I wonder what temperature the air is above those cars?????

Saturday, 8 September 2012


 This morning I woke up at 4am, left the house, then got on the the motorway in thick fog.
One hour later I was cold and seriously doubting my own safety.... So i stopped, had a hot chocolate,  gave myself a good talking too for not being hardcore (stupid) then rode home.
I have never turned back on a journey before but I really hated the 1hour I was riding and I had 4 more hours to go.
 But the day wasn't lost as i got invited to a HotRod Doo, where i met lots of friends old and new and i got the chance to ride my Triumph.
 Lots of hanging around and talking shit with a beer.

 Very cool XS250 that nearly hit the gravel on the entry to the carpark.

YEAH TRUMPET POWER. The fucker started first kick, so i treated it to a nice ride out..