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Friday, 21 September 2012


From Yuka from  http://metalhammers.lv/en/
 Craaazzzzzy Dutchmans Evo   (Motorhead is photo shopped but should be there, i think)
My girl and me

1 comment:

Yuka said...

Awesome Motörhead bike pictures !!
Thanx for that !!

Freaking cool Motörhead EVO.
I like the Motörhead logo on the gasoline tank.
Looks really great, and yes, it SHOULD be there :-)

Like Father .... Like Daughter :-)
So cooooool !!!!

Iron Horse-Born to Lose:
Great classic Motörhead song.

By far the best Friday on your blog Röb, hahaha.
Top Notch pictures Röb !!

Cheers and Rock n Roll.