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Thursday, 20 September 2012


 During a conversation (via Blog) with Rock Solid Motorcycles. I realised that it might be cool if I shared a cool bit of info with every one.
If you need a small back light for your Chop you can buy a nice neat light (the kind they hang all around a lorry cab), this shouldn't cost you much.
The thing is that the light will only have a single filament bulb fitting.
So buy a single filament LED BULB  and a packet of assorted resistors . both of these should cost the same as a 6 pack of beer (deliverd).
Then if you solder the resistor in-line on the main backlight feed then bypass that resistor with the brake light feed, JUST LIKE THE LOVELY DIAGRAM ABOVE, then you should have a great looking a perfectly brilliant stop and tail light.
Try using a 100 ohm resistor , if like me you arnt a boffin then try a few different ones untill your happy.

I got this jem of information from an American bike mag called The Horse (back street choppers).
I thought it a bit scary wireing resistors into my loom but i Did it on my Triumph and it works great. plus you only have two wires to your back light ( one if you earth it through the body)
 The bottom pic' shows the break light on. The photos don't really show much. but you get the general idea.


TC said...

Never thought of doing it that way, defo gonna have a bash at that, I'm gonna be on with the tail light for the xs next week. I've got some big 10mm diameter ultra bright LED's somewhere, so I'll give it a whirl!!!

OILY RAG said...

Check out the rear lights that rocksolid motorcycles are making at the mo...