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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

XS650 ( Here you go Jan ?)

 I was gorping in amazement at a bloody cool XS650 on 'Backstreet Buckets' site    
http://thebackstreetbucket.blogspot.co.uk/  check it out if you want to see what i mean.)
Unfortunately i couldn't find any info on the bike but i did find lots of other great XS650's and since my friend Jan hasn't spoke about bikes for a while i thought i would try and give him a push in the right direction by showing lots of his pick's of favorite bikes.

The one above is very cool, that high fairing is very Mad Max.

 This is very tidy and the wheels are preaty cool.
 I bloody love this one........ It's from Columbia.
Very yellow and with what looks like CBR wheels.

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