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Friday, 29 November 2013


12.42 miles
156 corners 
14110 feet (roughly 4500m) 
It would be like piloting a rocket into the icy blue stratosphere, G force pinning you into your seat whilst you flow through turn after turn after turn, the endless backdrop of mile upon mile of Colorado. nothing but fresh air and infinity as a run-off , finally reaching the thin air of the summit and the realisation that the ride is over when you spot the chequerd flag.
FUCK that has got to be a rush.
That is why i have decided to do it.
That is why i have decided not to sell the DUKE.
That is why i need another 2 big builds in the bag ( to finance it and my new flat track bike).
That is why i have to race.

I was looking at Travis Newbolds Blog http://747rider.blogspot.co.uk/ all i saw was his registration payment for the Pikes peak
When something just clicked. I have to do that .if i cant this year then ill do it next.
My next thought was don't be a Tosser you have bills to pay. 
My next thought was ," If i don't do it, one day im gunna be ill and dying thinking' What a waste, Why the fuck didn't i live, Why the fuck didnt' i grab life by the tits, kick it in the balls and fucking hang on., Just to see if i could . "
 If you don't do it now . then When.

Realising this have given me an imense buzz. I have visions of Bert Monroe preparing his bike to ship it to Bonniville and i think that could be me. but on a hill, not on the flats.

I am so stoked i can hardley sleep.


ps i think thats Dimitri Costa above. If he can do it so can i..

9 euros of pure pleasure.

Portuguese brandy at its best


Its nearly STIHL DECEMBER obviosly this will be the last month of ladies with leaf blowers.
So this is my dilemer...
What callender do we share next year...
IS it Girls WITH GUNS ?



Monday, 25 November 2013


That's it . You've missed your chance I'm keeping it , bollocks to the lot of you.  
It's a cool looking bike and it has to be raced , just not on the dirt. 


I know ive been slacking with my blog lately, since i have started working for myself i have been "flat out like a lizard drinkin". but im back on the vibe now. 
so much so that i have another Blog that i have just started.
This other blog is to promote my self as a carpenter and keep poeple up to date with what i do. Dont worie it still has the bad spelling and terrible grammar. Spelcheck is trying to help me but im just too broke to be fixed.
please have a gander at my other blog and spred the good word http://goodwoodframes.blogspot.co.uk/
i also have a website that i am working on @   http://goodwoodframes.weebly.com/

Both of these sites are hard to stumble on so if a few good folk like yourselves have a butchers
then it would raise the profile and make it easyer to find. You may even want a house/extention building yourself.


This will make a cool shed. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013


This years best party is ready to be booked.
Get your dancin shoes on an head to bisley ( between the M3 and the M25). 

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Two things happend this morning.
The lastedt copy of SIDEBURN arrived. 
My race licence arrived. 
Gracing the pages of this lovely mag is an article on flattrack racing in the uk. There's even a picture of yours truly in there. 
Reading this article really vibed me up for next seasons racing.  
So this morning I thought " fuck it ! Get your ass out of your fartsack and get in the bloody shed, that Ducati ain't gunna sell its self. 

Thank you SIDEBURN for givin me a kick up the ass.
Ive had a lovely day in my shed.


I can feel a shed day coming on. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Monday, 11 November 2013


Absolutely amazing cb750 I spotted at the hill climb in Portugal yesterday. 
"Much work " the owner said to me in Brocken English .
No shit . The more I looked at it the more cool stuff I saw. He had obviously bent,ground,welded and fabricated everything himself. Not just bolted on loads of bits.
Mucho respecto Hombre.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sunny Portugal

Surf is pumpin in Portugal at the mo. I ain't that much of a hero to go out there but will have a go later where ther is less pointy rocks

Monday, 4 November 2013


 Jack the Bastard has been a compleete "Fecker" ever since before he was my dog.
There  has been more than one occasion , when i have been running (one shoe'd ) through a field chasing him-chasing-cows or appologising to farmers that were standing waist deep in rivers, whilst they were rescuing sheep that had been chased there by him. On those occasions  had i had a gun i would have shot him myself.
 He has spent more nights barking in the wilderness then being driven home by complete strangers than i can count. HE has bitten the arse off of sheep whilst giving me the "V"s .
But he has also made me wet myself laughing when i was pissed off , done something stoopid when i was angry with the world and he has sat on the back of my bike egging me on when normal people would be diggin me with their knees and shouting at me to slow down.
check Jack the b rides to work if you havent already seen it.
At 6/7 years old the poor bastard has got a tumour bigger than a fist . 
so i had to take him to the vets today and let him rest.
Now there is no one to stick their head in my shoppin bag as soon as i get in the car or wipe their nose all over my windscreen or moan at me for a walk strait after dinner, or leave me horse from shouting,out of breath and angry, stood one shoe'd in a boggy marsh cursing the day he was born.
I never thought i would miss him but now there is a bastard shaped hole in my life.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


bubblevisor The coolest place to find the coolest stuff.
Love it.


This weekend in Cornwall was stou as hell
I wasn't doing some wired pose in this photo I was actually trying to hold on to my board as it was so windy .
The surf was a bit mingin though , I travelled more sideways than I did out and back.
Portugal next weekend so I'm hoping the surf will be a bit cleaner.