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Monday, 25 November 2013


I know ive been slacking with my blog lately, since i have started working for myself i have been "flat out like a lizard drinkin". but im back on the vibe now. 
so much so that i have another Blog that i have just started.
This other blog is to promote my self as a carpenter and keep poeple up to date with what i do. Dont worie it still has the bad spelling and terrible grammar. Spelcheck is trying to help me but im just too broke to be fixed.
please have a gander at my other blog and spred the good word http://goodwoodframes.blogspot.co.uk/
i also have a website that i am working on @   http://goodwoodframes.weebly.com/

Both of these sites are hard to stumble on so if a few good folk like yourselves have a butchers
then it would raise the profile and make it easyer to find. You may even want a house/extention building yourself.

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