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Monday, 4 November 2013


 Jack the Bastard has been a compleete "Fecker" ever since before he was my dog.
There  has been more than one occasion , when i have been running (one shoe'd ) through a field chasing him-chasing-cows or appologising to farmers that were standing waist deep in rivers, whilst they were rescuing sheep that had been chased there by him. On those occasions  had i had a gun i would have shot him myself.
 He has spent more nights barking in the wilderness then being driven home by complete strangers than i can count. HE has bitten the arse off of sheep whilst giving me the "V"s .
But he has also made me wet myself laughing when i was pissed off , done something stoopid when i was angry with the world and he has sat on the back of my bike egging me on when normal people would be diggin me with their knees and shouting at me to slow down.
check Jack the b rides to work if you havent already seen it.
At 6/7 years old the poor bastard has got a tumour bigger than a fist . 
so i had to take him to the vets today and let him rest.
Now there is no one to stick their head in my shoppin bag as soon as i get in the car or wipe their nose all over my windscreen or moan at me for a walk strait after dinner, or leave me horse from shouting,out of breath and angry, stood one shoe'd in a boggy marsh cursing the day he was born.
I never thought i would miss him but now there is a bastard shaped hole in my life.

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Tomfoolery said...

Gutted for you matey.