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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Race time

Last weekend despite the shite wether forecast we had a brilliant days racing. 
The track was on top form and apart from a few chavs being wankers ( spectating) every one else there was brilliant. 
Benchdonkeeys (Andy an Daz) turned up and took this great shot abouve of Brad 76 leading into the corner but about to get his ass kicked by me 11 who is about to get smoked by Gary Inman13 (SIDEBURN fella) and mike Trapmore 19 ( had the advantage of pie aided traction, but fast as fuck without it). 
It was the 1st race of the year and the 1st race on my new bike. An 1st race with the big boys in Ristricted class. 

Brad teaching me how to dance , pre- race. 

Bloody ace pre unit trumpet about to get flogged around the track by John boddy. 

Top French bloke Nick with his Matisse . 
We stayed in a big hotel in Hinkley the night befor . Being near the new Triumph factory they had a Triimph bar, but it didn't destracted from the fact that the hotel was a bit crap.
 Mrs oily has more photos but I've been to flat out buisy to sort them an my blog out. 
I'll sort it soon plus we got Mrs May to look forward to. 

Friday, 25 April 2014

On this Sunday

I've cut my hair an had a shave an a shower ( cuttin down weight ) an spent an hour trying to fit my bike, tools , leathers, fuel, crash hat, and winners podiums into a car. All this with a can of beer in my hand. 
I think I might be ready for a race?
Tomorow I'm gunna drop my lad to work , daughter to a mates, then me an Mrs oily are gunna drive up to lieceister .
See you there. 

Keep stretchin Brad. You'll need that leg for kickin my ass.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Swedish chops

Some very cool Swedish chopsat the Rmc show
Pictures that I stole from the Rouges mc site. 
Check it out here http://www.rogues-mc.com/

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bank holiday racing

Another night at the speedway. 
Every time I go I like it more. 
The best bit about it is how much my young lass loves it ( it's good to be able to hang with your kids on an equal wavelength )

The best track waterer I've seen . Gives a nice even coverage. 
A devil on a Raliegh Chopper. 
Next week is my 1st race of the season . Got the bike all prepped today an I'm starting to get very excited. I can foresee a few sleepless nights as we near the weekend. 

Friday, 18 April 2014


Last weekend , befor we raced, but after a beer Brad let me have a go on his HOOLIGAN GSXR chop. 
Fuckin thing is an animal. I opened it up an thought ' is that the chain jumping the sprocket.' Then I realised it was hopping down the road , like a drunken ferrit , wheels pining me into the path of cars. But  I knew I would be OK as I was wearing a motorcross lid , no goggles, gloves , trainers and a 3mile grin. 
Who the hell is gunna stay in the way of that. 
Took a good 45 mins to stop my eys from streaming.
As you can see Mr Brad is using his workshop to full capacity, hasn't got enough " might come in usefull one day" crap in there yet. 
Give it a few months ....

Monday, 14 April 2014


Spent an EPIC day on Sun blasting around the track at Rye House under the supervision of Kenny Noyes. Only problem was that I drank a little bit too much beer the night befor , so I wasn't on top form. 
Still it was nice to spend the day basking in the sun and blasting around a track with a lot of very nice folk. 


Thursday, 10 April 2014


Stolen , chopped and fucked about with. 
The photo that is. 

Both worth a bloody good Ganda 

Saturday, 5 April 2014


This is Richy. Today is his 40 th birthday. He has done very well to make it this far considering what the doctors told his parants the day he was born . 
The cards were stacked against him what with being "strawberry blond!" And riding like a twat . 
So today on his birthday he decided to spend the day in his garage building his chop. 

So I went round to take the piss and tell him that it was all wrong. What are friends for , after all ?

It is looking cool though and it's good to see somebody getting stuck in to a project.
He tacked in the engine mounts and we fucked around with the headstock and with me as a model he figured out where to put the foot controls .

My bike still had a MOT (I'll be buggerd, thought it ran out a while ago). 
Now I got my sat night layed out on the table. Luvly jubly. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Meet April.  
Apparantly (judging by the evidence in the photo) she has no problem handeling 2.4m of WOOD. 
Well done April.
April is also here to tell us that it's officially the start of the race season. 
"It's officially the start of the race season. I like puppies , world piece and wood" says April.


Just cool stuff I stole from twitter and Instagram 

I think this may be Gary Nixon above. 
Thanks to Dimitri for the photo below