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Saturday, 5 April 2014


This is Richy. Today is his 40 th birthday. He has done very well to make it this far considering what the doctors told his parants the day he was born . 
The cards were stacked against him what with being "strawberry blond!" And riding like a twat . 
So today on his birthday he decided to spend the day in his garage building his chop. 

So I went round to take the piss and tell him that it was all wrong. What are friends for , after all ?

It is looking cool though and it's good to see somebody getting stuck in to a project.
He tacked in the engine mounts and we fucked around with the headstock and with me as a model he figured out where to put the foot controls .

My bike still had a MOT (I'll be buggerd, thought it ran out a while ago). 
Now I got my sat night layed out on the table. Luvly jubly. 


andyrotax said...

Ere, what's wrong with "strawberry blonde"? I do prefer it to ginger tosser though!!

OILY RAG said...

Ginger tosser is the phrase I normally use but I was trying not to offend anybody. Fuck it! I won't bother next time.