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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Race time

Last weekend despite the shite wether forecast we had a brilliant days racing. 
The track was on top form and apart from a few chavs being wankers ( spectating) every one else there was brilliant. 
Benchdonkeeys (Andy an Daz) turned up and took this great shot abouve of Brad 76 leading into the corner but about to get his ass kicked by me 11 who is about to get smoked by Gary Inman13 (SIDEBURN fella) and mike Trapmore 19 ( had the advantage of pie aided traction, but fast as fuck without it). 
It was the 1st race of the year and the 1st race on my new bike. An 1st race with the big boys in Ristricted class. 

Brad teaching me how to dance , pre- race. 

Bloody ace pre unit trumpet about to get flogged around the track by John boddy. 

Top French bloke Nick with his Matisse . 
We stayed in a big hotel in Hinkley the night befor . Being near the new Triumph factory they had a Triimph bar, but it didn't destracted from the fact that the hotel was a bit crap.
 Mrs oily has more photos but I've been to flat out buisy to sort them an my blog out. 
I'll sort it soon plus we got Mrs May to look forward to. 


Brad Hardman said...

Oi you, just see that pic and checked against my onboard camera and I came out of that ahead! finished that race third!

OILY RAG said...

I don't remember which race that was. You did beat me once or maybe twice but I did kick your ass once and that's all that I wish to remember.

Brad Hardman said...

Hahaha, if you'd like to re-live that particular race I've just uploaded it to my facebook, get your missus to show you.