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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I am working away in Cornwall at the moment and have very bad internet so i wont be posting anything till the Week end..
So ill leave you with this

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dowies chop. part3

 After spending hours pissing around, getting the frame jig set up, i was finnaly happy with the position of everything.
So i started cutting the top tube, to fit the headstock. It's not running parrallel to the stringline here as it's not welded in place (i'm just holding it for the photo.
I've bent two of the rear frame tubes, tacked them together and started cutting and bending a section to jion them to the main tube. (not sure it's the best solution yet as it took me bloody ages , but ill think about it during the week)

Saturday, 26 May 2012


 More photos from Dan. He is a real Swedish person so he should know a "Swedish" chop from a "Pork"chop....
You may have seen the above pick before, but i like it, so here it is again.

 Grainy photo but looks like a Honda 650four.

Friday, 25 May 2012


 i found some classic "Lovely ladies"with some classic choppers
Is that a 'Panhead above and a CB750 below?
check out http://www.weaselsspfld.com/weaselettes/70s.shtml for some more great pick's..


 As i mentioned it was my birthday.. i was getting a bit sacked off, being in work on my birthday (i love my job, but it was my birthday, so i didn't have to do anything i didn't want to).
So me and Jack the Bastard 'fucked off' to the beach for an ice-cream.
 If you have seen "The comic strip" you may recognise the harbour wall from "Super Grass".. If not at least it's a nice view.
The ice-cream was great (blackcurrant) but the dood that was serving it made it look so difficult, it was like watching someone try and give pills to a cat..
Jack the bastard checking the surf.
There was a good swell but i didn't go in (i may be able to take the dog on the bike, but not a board aswell).

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I cant figure how to do a direct link with VIMIO so youll have to click the link to check it out


 Who gives a shit.
 The main thing is to ride. i dont care if its a pre-war Rudge, a c90, or a Sportster.
I love my Sportster, its got more balls than a lot of other bikes ive riden
Above is a nice iron head with a hard tail and springers.
 Another hard tail, Cant be sure but looks like a Shovel.
 Nice looking Sportster
 Cool Shovel
 Another cool shovel
All picks taken from http://thebigmamaintrospection.blogspot.co.uk/ and proof that Girls dont only ride Sportsters. 
I'm deffinatly not a girl (not last time i checked ) and i ride a Sportster.

Monday, 21 May 2012




Sunday, 20 May 2012


 BECAUSE I WAS AT DIRTQUAKE . (But here is a Swedish chop anyway).
This Triumph chop was built and owned by a  nice bloke called Rod.
It was bloody scary to look behind and see that front wheel rite beside my leg during the first race.
 During the next few weeks im gunna be driving everyone mental with tales about DIRTQUAKE and im sure that each time i tell the storey ill be more amazing than the last time i told it (just like the fishermans fish that gets bigger the more beer he drinks).
 Anybody that wasn't at DIRTQUAKE missed something truely Epic..
this is me and Rod lining up for the first chopper race (practice).
There were races for Street Trackers, Roadbikes, Classic speedway and Choppers. with one practice and 3 races for each cattagory. Then the Choppers got one more race then a Final at 9.00pm.
I supprised my self and came 1st in race two and  2nd in the final race( after two Guinnes's)
I can only put my blistering performance down to a sticky throttle cable (every time i went into a corner i couldn't slow to a more comfortable pace as the the throttle was still a bit open, so i just held on and somehow made it round..)
 Nice Flathead Harley
 Brilliant Honda shadow. the fella made the tank himself (aswell as the rest of it) from a stainless kitchen sink..
He got the hang of racing and became really quick untill in the final he fell on a corner, which was lucky for me as his crash slowed the chap in front of me and allowed me to nip through into 1st place (untill i got taken  metres from the finish flag.
I had an AMAZING time there and now i want to race more.....
Thanks to all the crue at SIDEBRN MAG for putting on a brilliant doo,

 Above the "Unsuitable road" going class. Two chaps on C90.s are the "RUSTY NAILS"
 Both bikes here by' Krazy Horse choppers'
Ill post more pictures of more bikes, at the event soon.

Friday, 18 May 2012


 Thies picks and the write-up was sent to me be my Dutch friends  mate i America 'CLAY'
  A little about the bike: 1980 FXWG originally,I bought it in 1985 after a friend was killed in a wreck on it. His brother couldn't bring himself to ride it anymore,so i got it for a good price (in 1985) and repaired it.
Now,,, it's a stock frame with only minor mods to it.,3 in. strech in swingarm with a 2000 deuce rear wheel 160tire x17 in rim. a 5 speed softail tranny,(splined shaft),Ultima 2 in. belt drive (i needed the newer clutch) because i have the motor at 98 cu.in. with stock cases.
4 3/4 inch stroke with 3 5/8 cylinders,,all S&S internals from oil pump to pistons. Heads are flowed & ported with a 2.02in. intake valves,S&S camshaft,,heavy duty springs ect. Ignition is a single fire single coil programmable one.Exhaust you may recognize as a 1976 super glide stock header pipe but with a supertrapp aluminum muffler. I was running an S&S carb but i put my old S.U. on it,(a nod to you Brits),it was running great with the S&S but i just like the old school cool effect of the SU,nobody over here runs them anymore,,i always loved mine,(this was a swap meet find 25 years ago 2 of em in pieces for $75.00),front wheel is a rear lowrider mag from the late 70's i think,,,a swap meet find also.I fabricated the rear fender and did the paint but a friend "K.C." did the striping and lettering.
 The Wheels,tranny exhaust,carb,gas tanks,Foot controls,swingarm,and many, many more parts are sweet swap meet finds as well. I like harley parts the best and use them wherever i can. Goes back to the old days when the only aftermarket stuff was total Tiawanese shit. Kinda like today,,,Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaa,,The American made shit is better but i can't afford it. Who can? $600.00 fender struts,,and $200.00 gas caps? Fuck me,,
   I've never dyno'd the bike but it runs very strong. I'm pretty sure i'm well over 110 HP. @ rear wheel.
$50 used exhaust,,,$40 used S.U.,,,$2000 in upgrades to old shovel motor,,,$300 used 5 speed,,,the look on a my buddies face as i pass his 2011 stage III twin cam  (dyno'd at 100 hp rear wheel),,,,,PRICELESS!!!!   I love my shovelhead. I'm not claiming i have the fastest shovel on planet earth,,just the coolest one,(in my eyes) ,isn't that how everyone is supposed to feel about their bike?  See no Evo,,,Speak no Evo,,,Fear no Evo,,SHOVELPOWER!!!

Very nice bike clay, SOUNDS LIKE IT SHIFTS ASS ASWELL...


 DIRTQUAKE TOMOROW This may be the last chance you get to see idiots on choppers racing (sorry paradeing) around a speedway track, before the 'health and safety' twats stop us from having fun.
i am so excited, i'm like a 6yr old on Christmas eve.

 In preperation, i have finally sorted my oil pressure problem.
See this little bronze bush above... Aparantly it has to go in the timing cover, around the end of the crank or you dont get oil pressure and you destroy a perfectly good crank.
I didnt know this... my engine was a box of bits with two timing covers, niether had a bush in them. 
After i blew my crank i tried to find out if there should have been something there in the timing cover (because it looked like it needed something there) but every manual and exploded-diagram showed nothing. When i looked on the net a few "experts" said that there was a lot of clearance but it was fine.... dont believe anything you read on the net, not even this...
Eventually a spoke to a bloke in Tavistock @ MONTY'S CLASSICS. He is a top bloke and has lots of everything for all Brit bikes. 
Call; 01822 617010  www.montysclassicmotorcycles.com  and give him all your money..
Monty had the bushes made up, i collected them today and now i have instant oil pressure and a happy crank.

Maybe i've gone a bit over-board but i made my self a ally shoe so i can slide around the track tomorow..

Thursday, 17 May 2012

This is my sister (in the background with her hands over her eyes) she lives in OZ, at the end of the yellow brick road. This is where the road ends and the water starts... i hope she rode the bike afterwards.
well done Emma a sticker is wingin its way too you now.

Barry Sheene. Mullet. Flairs. Chicks (im going to see the last bike he raced on next week). Ben you get some stickers for pointing this one out..

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Yesterday the country was cold and snowy but here it was so nice that i took the dogs down to the beach in the evening.
Torquay always looks great from the outside, bit different from the inside though.


 Trying hard to get the Triumph sorted for DIRTQUAKE.
There are a few things that have been bothering me since i built it over a year ago. One of them being the foot pegs.
The problem is that are as stiff as 'Spaniels ears'. so tonight i made some braces as they are gunna need to take a large amount of abuse during the race (well the right side one will anyway, i might remove the left one as it will just get in the way around the track)
 The lights in the garage are so bad i had to weld outside the door .

Monday, 14 May 2012


 Started setting up the frame jig tonight.
it needs a lot of levelling and checking but now i  have a better idea of where things need to go.
i stuck a lot of tape where the frame runs (just to get a vague idea) i dont know why i took a photo of it because the picture looks nothing like it does in the flesh (so Dowie dont worrie too much .YET)

Sunday, 13 May 2012


 I was having a Yarn with a friend of mine a while ago and he said that i should go and have a chat with his dad, Paul, "Because he is into allsorts of really cool stuff and he'll dig your bike".
Today i finally got around to seeing Paul. Armed with a packet of chocolate digestives i rode over to his house and was blown away by the amount of cool stuff he had in his garage and lounge.
in the living room was this beutiful Norton, on the walls were drag racing memoriabilia and timing discs, on the worktops were (amoungst the 'Dukes of hazard' dodge charger model) valves and conrods and on the dining table there was a very rare dragbike motor in pieces.
I didn't have a lot of battery life on my camera and i take crap photos so i only snagged a couple of pickies for you to see.

 this flathead Harley he has just built and is yet to get it to run sweet (and get used to the foot clutch).
Notice the Ford model 'A' pickup behind, the other Norton on a bench(to the left), next to that is a supercharged VW beetle motor.
 This is another project, it is a speedway Jap motor but that engine isn't staying in this bike.
I walked around with my Gob hanging open just trying to soak up all the Extreemly Cool Stuff.
i wish i could remember more of what i was told whilst i was there. but i hope it wont be the last time i go and spend an afternoon in that shed with a cuppa tea. so maybe next time ill find some more jems.
Also i managed to get my TRUMPET running and rode there on it  and the only thing that fell off it was the number plate( fuck knows where it is, i kept my eyes peeled on the way home but didnt see it.).
I think it should be in good fettle for next weeks DIRTQUAKE.