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Sunday, 20 May 2012


 BECAUSE I WAS AT DIRTQUAKE . (But here is a Swedish chop anyway).
This Triumph chop was built and owned by a  nice bloke called Rod.
It was bloody scary to look behind and see that front wheel rite beside my leg during the first race.
 During the next few weeks im gunna be driving everyone mental with tales about DIRTQUAKE and im sure that each time i tell the storey ill be more amazing than the last time i told it (just like the fishermans fish that gets bigger the more beer he drinks).
 Anybody that wasn't at DIRTQUAKE missed something truely Epic..
this is me and Rod lining up for the first chopper race (practice).
There were races for Street Trackers, Roadbikes, Classic speedway and Choppers. with one practice and 3 races for each cattagory. Then the Choppers got one more race then a Final at 9.00pm.
I supprised my self and came 1st in race two and  2nd in the final race( after two Guinnes's)
I can only put my blistering performance down to a sticky throttle cable (every time i went into a corner i couldn't slow to a more comfortable pace as the the throttle was still a bit open, so i just held on and somehow made it round..)
 Nice Flathead Harley
 Brilliant Honda shadow. the fella made the tank himself (aswell as the rest of it) from a stainless kitchen sink..
He got the hang of racing and became really quick untill in the final he fell on a corner, which was lucky for me as his crash slowed the chap in front of me and allowed me to nip through into 1st place (untill i got taken  metres from the finish flag.
I had an AMAZING time there and now i want to race more.....
Thanks to all the crue at SIDEBRN MAG for putting on a brilliant doo,

 Above the "Unsuitable road" going class. Two chaps on C90.s are the "RUSTY NAILS"
 Both bikes here by' Krazy Horse choppers'
Ill post more pictures of more bikes, at the event soon.


andrewdavidtaylor said...

Hi there.....thanks for the stickers/flyer. I put the sticker on my toolbox this afternoon. Glad you had a great day at Dirty Quake...who knows it might happen again....but highly unlikely !! B'Wishes Dave..(I was the man booking you in & lining you up to hit the track).....splendid Trumpet you have there Sir !!

Sideburn Magazine said...

you nut job

Hairy Larry said...

Nice pics, looks like a great time. I went from a mechanic, to an art student, then to a carpenter...with a few other stops here and there....

Hairy Larry said...

Oh yeah, and my dog was called 'Pete'.

The Tinslecat said...

saw the trumpet and you giving it some round the circuit - was well jealous! nice work anyways - looks like you had a blast.

Did have a look in the paddock for you to show my face, but you must have been somewhere in a zen like trance between races!

OILY RAG said...

TINSLECAT sorry i mist you at the show (maybe i was in the bar with a guiness trying to steady my nerves.
i would have loved to say "hello". next time EH!.

Hairy Larry, you have a very nice blog site. i dig the dog in the side car (i did that for a bit but sidecars scare the shit out of me).

And once again to all Andrew and all the guys at Sideburn thanks once again for a great weekend. i now have the bug and want to ride flattrack more. i was thinking of running a ducati 600 i have kicking about ? can you point me in the right direction of joining a club in the SW...