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Friday, 25 May 2012


 As i mentioned it was my birthday.. i was getting a bit sacked off, being in work on my birthday (i love my job, but it was my birthday, so i didn't have to do anything i didn't want to).
So me and Jack the Bastard 'fucked off' to the beach for an ice-cream.
 If you have seen "The comic strip" you may recognise the harbour wall from "Super Grass".. If not at least it's a nice view.
The ice-cream was great (blackcurrant) but the dood that was serving it made it look so difficult, it was like watching someone try and give pills to a cat..
Jack the bastard checking the surf.
There was a good swell but i didn't go in (i may be able to take the dog on the bike, but not a board aswell).

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