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Friday, 18 May 2012


 Thies picks and the write-up was sent to me be my Dutch friends  mate i America 'CLAY'
  A little about the bike: 1980 FXWG originally,I bought it in 1985 after a friend was killed in a wreck on it. His brother couldn't bring himself to ride it anymore,so i got it for a good price (in 1985) and repaired it.
Now,,, it's a stock frame with only minor mods to it.,3 in. strech in swingarm with a 2000 deuce rear wheel 160tire x17 in rim. a 5 speed softail tranny,(splined shaft),Ultima 2 in. belt drive (i needed the newer clutch) because i have the motor at 98 cu.in. with stock cases.
4 3/4 inch stroke with 3 5/8 cylinders,,all S&S internals from oil pump to pistons. Heads are flowed & ported with a 2.02in. intake valves,S&S camshaft,,heavy duty springs ect. Ignition is a single fire single coil programmable one.Exhaust you may recognize as a 1976 super glide stock header pipe but with a supertrapp aluminum muffler. I was running an S&S carb but i put my old S.U. on it,(a nod to you Brits),it was running great with the S&S but i just like the old school cool effect of the SU,nobody over here runs them anymore,,i always loved mine,(this was a swap meet find 25 years ago 2 of em in pieces for $75.00),front wheel is a rear lowrider mag from the late 70's i think,,,a swap meet find also.I fabricated the rear fender and did the paint but a friend "K.C." did the striping and lettering.
 The Wheels,tranny exhaust,carb,gas tanks,Foot controls,swingarm,and many, many more parts are sweet swap meet finds as well. I like harley parts the best and use them wherever i can. Goes back to the old days when the only aftermarket stuff was total Tiawanese shit. Kinda like today,,,Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaa,,The American made shit is better but i can't afford it. Who can? $600.00 fender struts,,and $200.00 gas caps? Fuck me,,
   I've never dyno'd the bike but it runs very strong. I'm pretty sure i'm well over 110 HP. @ rear wheel.
$50 used exhaust,,,$40 used S.U.,,,$2000 in upgrades to old shovel motor,,,$300 used 5 speed,,,the look on a my buddies face as i pass his 2011 stage III twin cam  (dyno'd at 100 hp rear wheel),,,,,PRICELESS!!!!   I love my shovelhead. I'm not claiming i have the fastest shovel on planet earth,,just the coolest one,(in my eyes) ,isn't that how everyone is supposed to feel about their bike?  See no Evo,,,Speak no Evo,,,Fear no Evo,,SHOVELPOWER!!!

Very nice bike clay, SOUNDS LIKE IT SHIFTS ASS ASWELL...

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