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Friday, 18 May 2012


 DIRTQUAKE TOMOROW This may be the last chance you get to see idiots on choppers racing (sorry paradeing) around a speedway track, before the 'health and safety' twats stop us from having fun.
i am so excited, i'm like a 6yr old on Christmas eve.

 In preperation, i have finally sorted my oil pressure problem.
See this little bronze bush above... Aparantly it has to go in the timing cover, around the end of the crank or you dont get oil pressure and you destroy a perfectly good crank.
I didnt know this... my engine was a box of bits with two timing covers, niether had a bush in them. 
After i blew my crank i tried to find out if there should have been something there in the timing cover (because it looked like it needed something there) but every manual and exploded-diagram showed nothing. When i looked on the net a few "experts" said that there was a lot of clearance but it was fine.... dont believe anything you read on the net, not even this...
Eventually a spoke to a bloke in Tavistock @ MONTY'S CLASSICS. He is a top bloke and has lots of everything for all Brit bikes. 
Call; 01822 617010  www.montysclassicmotorcycles.com  and give him all your money..
Monty had the bushes made up, i collected them today and now i have instant oil pressure and a happy crank.

Maybe i've gone a bit over-board but i made my self a ally shoe so i can slide around the track tomorow..

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