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Monday, 31 March 2014

SR 500 courtesy of BUBBLEVISOR

Just spotted this bloody lovely SR500 on the bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ 
Have a gander. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

Oily T'shirt

I found one of the 1st OILY RAGS t'shirts that I had made. 
It was coverd in little bits of carbon from the oxy acetylene in my shed. 
But cleaned up alright . Shame it's white , I think that's why I never botherd  trying to wear it. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cock up( named after putting your arrow on the strong the wrong way up)

More from Rye House

Sorry I ment to put this on oily rags blog but I put it on my goodwoodframes blog instead so here it is here
More photos from last Saturdays practice. 

Self gratification page

All last year I saw pictures of myself racing and thought"why does my style suck? Why do I appear so uptight ? How the fuck does everyone else lay it over so far and get it so sideways?"
Turns out it's because I was struggling with the Duke. 
Thanks to Ian Roxburgh for taking this picture and letting me realise that I'm heading in the right direction.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Had a bloody top day yesterday, the sun was shining and the bike was a dream to ride. May not look as cool as the duke but it handles so well . You could get the bike so sideways and out of shape and still save it. Although I did fall off 4 times. 
I just started to get real tied towards the end of the day.
It was so nice to be hanging out with that cool , friendly group of folks again. 
Back there in 3 weeks for a traing day then 1st race lieceister at the end of April 

Monday, 17 March 2014


We went over to see C'Bass on the weekend and got his Beemer started up for the first time ( since he's owned it) . It sounded sweet . The super trap pipe had a nice rasp to it and the motor was quiet. 
I dig the way it looks too. It's got a real Mad Max look about it( I'm talking "Toe Cutter and big bubble fairing Zeds not apocalyptic lady boys in arseless leathers) .

Then a mate Pete sent me some picks of a billet clock-tray-hide all the shit type thing that he had made for his very cool power-valve. RD . 
So summers nearly here and everyone is getting there shit together . A BIG PAT ON TJE THE BACK FOR ALL US GREASY FUCKERS THAT HAVE BEEN HIDING IN OUR SHEFS ALL WINTER. 
Oh yea I'm on Instagram now so if you ain't had enough of my bad spelling you can check out some other bollocks there @ oilyrob

Saturday, 15 March 2014

SHED TIME and scaring the shit out of grommets

Above pick is of a friends motor that dropped a valve two weeks ago , I was in the middle of doing my piston an rings so I thought I best check mine.
I recon that they look fine an it's  over £100 each to replace them( there's 5) so I'm using them and hoping that that decision dosnt bite me in the ass. 

So today I rebuilt the motor and fired the bike up. The engine felt real tight so I was sat on the bench holding the revs up letting it warm up. I looked down and saw the exhaust glowing like one of them pokers that you use to seal bullet wounds ( like I do that. No I just fill the hole with gunpowder and set light to it).
The above pik is not glowin as much , that's just a reconstruction by means of a demonstration . 
Seeing this exhaust glow like that I shit myself . I stopped the motor , checked the cooling system and the jetting and it still glowed. 
I rang the bike shop and was told that being a wafer thin titanium exhaust , it was normal. 
Fuck me , every day is a school day.  

First practice is next Sat so I took it for a test ( ignor the crap front mudguard) . 
I was ripping up a little dirt track and there was a gaggle of small children. One of the little lads at the back gave me the universal sighn of " give it a handful mate" 
So right beside him I did, the poor little fucker nearly kept into the next field. I think he may have soild his pants. I looked back an saw him grinning his face off. 
Made my day.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Managed to spend a very cool afternoon hangin out with a load of petrol heads in a pub carpark

Friday, 7 March 2014

C-bass's BEEMER

I got this clever gadget sometime last year which magnets into my vice and makes it into a bending jig. My vice isn't super grunty but it's fuckin ideal for shit like this. I ve now got a helter skelter back light support/number plate bracket. Yippee, even if I do fuckin hate number plates....

Well done man , it's good to know that somebody is beavering away in there shed whilst I'm sat on my ass drinking beer. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Check out this very cool short film 
Made wilst the DTRA were over with Kenny Noyles at a " be a flat-trackin superstar " school near Barcelona
Ive got a day booked traing with him in sunny north London 
I know how to party, me..

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

C'Bass's BEEMA

I tryed to post this a while ago but just realised it didn't post so here it is again
Mr Donnald mac C'Bass
Has been beavering away like man with no job ( which is amazing cus not only does he have a job but he also has an 2 little groms and an unhealthy habit of running and cycling everywhere)
This his his progress so far with a bit of gossip in his own words. 

This cost me about 20 quid off ebay and it sucks that nasty brake piss through the system into the collector cup. Fuckin brilliant, no mess and all done in under a minute. And the whole system was completely empty beforehand.

I fired up the sprayer and now the whole house smells like a headache in the makin. Last weeks blast cabinet is today known as the spray booth, which is my second new favourite name for the outside shithouse.
Pretty good result so far, but I may have to sand a bit more coz the paint shows up as many scratches as it covers. All told though, I reckon it's way easier than rattle cans, as it puts such a thin layer down each time.  Cheaper too.
Managed to blank up the fuel filler with a perfectly sized  old grindin disc,  and the remains of an old sock.
Next up is  the shiny black attack.

I'm now goin to celebrate with a nice cup of weak tea and my second pasty of the day.

Shelton Mallet Auto jumble

Had a day in the stinky sheds of Shepton Mallet, rummaging through boxes of rusty oily crap , surrounded by equally rust, oily old men. 
It was bloody brilliant.

Here are some of the cool rides that people had chosen as there sturdy steeds to get to the show.

There is something very cool about the bikes that are built by people who find inspiration in the bottom of a rusty box

Me? I got some well fitting leathers , a crash hat, cork gasket, matting mop, and the coolest original multytool (apparently issued to the army troops for killing lemmings) but could have been issued to Janners for circemsizeing ferrets for all I care because there the coolest thing EVER.
The whole lot was less than £60
I'm well chuffed


I stripped my YZF today cus a fella in the pub (as if you listen to a bloke in a pub but this one I used to work with when I was a wee slip of a greasy mechanic) told me that if you ain't sure of the history of a bike like this you should change the piston and rings to be on the safe side as the piston is so short it can spin in the bore and make a huge mess of the motor.
But once stripped I saw that , apart from looking like it's been running rich , the piston looked fresh . So I may just do the rings