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Saturday, 15 March 2014

SHED TIME and scaring the shit out of grommets

Above pick is of a friends motor that dropped a valve two weeks ago , I was in the middle of doing my piston an rings so I thought I best check mine.
I recon that they look fine an it's  over £100 each to replace them( there's 5) so I'm using them and hoping that that decision dosnt bite me in the ass. 

So today I rebuilt the motor and fired the bike up. The engine felt real tight so I was sat on the bench holding the revs up letting it warm up. I looked down and saw the exhaust glowing like one of them pokers that you use to seal bullet wounds ( like I do that. No I just fill the hole with gunpowder and set light to it).
The above pik is not glowin as much , that's just a reconstruction by means of a demonstration . 
Seeing this exhaust glow like that I shit myself . I stopped the motor , checked the cooling system and the jetting and it still glowed. 
I rang the bike shop and was told that being a wafer thin titanium exhaust , it was normal. 
Fuck me , every day is a school day.  

First practice is next Sat so I took it for a test ( ignor the crap front mudguard) . 
I was ripping up a little dirt track and there was a gaggle of small children. One of the little lads at the back gave me the universal sighn of " give it a handful mate" 
So right beside him I did, the poor little fucker nearly kept into the next field. I think he may have soild his pants. I looked back an saw him grinning his face off. 
Made my day.


owen clarke said...

Oi oi oily. I think we're swimming in the same soup. Im based in Cornwall.My blogs http://sniffinpetrol.blogspot.co.uk/
Have you still got the trumpet i saw in BSH.

OILY RAG said...

Yep still got the trumpet