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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shelton Mallet Auto jumble

Had a day in the stinky sheds of Shepton Mallet, rummaging through boxes of rusty oily crap , surrounded by equally rust, oily old men. 
It was bloody brilliant.

Here are some of the cool rides that people had chosen as there sturdy steeds to get to the show.

There is something very cool about the bikes that are built by people who find inspiration in the bottom of a rusty box

Me? I got some well fitting leathers , a crash hat, cork gasket, matting mop, and the coolest original multytool (apparently issued to the army troops for killing lemmings) but could have been issued to Janners for circemsizeing ferrets for all I care because there the coolest thing EVER.
The whole lot was less than £60
I'm well chuffed

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