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Monday, 17 March 2014


We went over to see C'Bass on the weekend and got his Beemer started up for the first time ( since he's owned it) . It sounded sweet . The super trap pipe had a nice rasp to it and the motor was quiet. 
I dig the way it looks too. It's got a real Mad Max look about it( I'm talking "Toe Cutter and big bubble fairing Zeds not apocalyptic lady boys in arseless leathers) .

Then a mate Pete sent me some picks of a billet clock-tray-hide all the shit type thing that he had made for his very cool power-valve. RD . 
So summers nearly here and everyone is getting there shit together . A BIG PAT ON TJE THE BACK FOR ALL US GREASY FUCKERS THAT HAVE BEEN HIDING IN OUR SHEFS ALL WINTER. 
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Brad Hardman said...

Dissapointed that Ive not got a lot to show for shed efforts except a nicely decorated shed! Still, got the chop recommissioned and looking scruffier than ever...

OILY RAG said...

Yea pull your finger out Brad. Time to use that nice dry workshop