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Sunday, 2 March 2014

C'Bass's BEEMA

I tryed to post this a while ago but just realised it didn't post so here it is again
Mr Donnald mac C'Bass
Has been beavering away like man with no job ( which is amazing cus not only does he have a job but he also has an 2 little groms and an unhealthy habit of running and cycling everywhere)
This his his progress so far with a bit of gossip in his own words. 

This cost me about 20 quid off ebay and it sucks that nasty brake piss through the system into the collector cup. Fuckin brilliant, no mess and all done in under a minute. And the whole system was completely empty beforehand.

I fired up the sprayer and now the whole house smells like a headache in the makin. Last weeks blast cabinet is today known as the spray booth, which is my second new favourite name for the outside shithouse.
Pretty good result so far, but I may have to sand a bit more coz the paint shows up as many scratches as it covers. All told though, I reckon it's way easier than rattle cans, as it puts such a thin layer down each time.  Cheaper too.
Managed to blank up the fuel filler with a perfectly sized  old grindin disc,  and the remains of an old sock.
Next up is  the shiny black attack.

I'm now goin to celebrate with a nice cup of weak tea and my second pasty of the day.

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