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Monday, 27 July 2015

It's Not Very Far Away . Takes About Half a day, If We Travel by Dragonfly

This is Rich's chop . He built it last year and finished it just befor we rode to the Nurenburg ring and back. As all in tested projects it had a few Teathing problems on the way. We stripped them Feckin carbs a lot , in the rain. But I had had a go and it was Quick , handled well and felt solid. I did piss myself laughing when we found the longest cobbled road in Antwerp, watching Rich bounce about on his little seat.

Well after braking his foot ( We look like a right pair of invalids) he has stripped , painted tinkered and rebuilt. And it's looking bloody DapperDan. 
He got a friend ,Pete Weller to make him up this lovely stainless toast rack . 
Its a new blog so it's worthy of support. So many are giving up "the Blog" due to The fact that it's a little more work . 
I like blogs there a little bit "magazine " too much stuff on line is Short and Sweet, like everybody attention span has dwindled.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sunrise Start Of Another Day, Sky High 6000 Miles Away . Woke up in an Amazing State , Don't Know How Long ive Been Awake.

Mr pete of county Chocolate finished my yolks for me and they look splendid. After cooking the bottom yolk on 160 deg for 1 hour and freezing the stem I bashed the crap out of the two items till they " fit like your mum in your dad" as a French man says. 

Pete really has done a lovely job so once I had pieced it all together I stood back for a view. "I was so satisfied, deep down inside like a hand in a velvet glove. " 
It's long and has the stance that I'm diggin. 

I even dug the old mudguard out of the hedge and widened it an I recon it will do the job very nicely indeed. 
I then I had time to put a tempory seat ( made from overalls ) and sat on it and made BLoooom BLOOOMMM noises. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

You Are Not What You Own . you are what you build

See that back wheel ain't that big...
It's just on there to see what ducking around is required to line up the drive chain. 

I did Finnish early today so I made ( part made an oil tank. Chuffed as a hound with two dicks in a kennel full of bitches.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blast from the past.

I don't know weather you have been with my blog for so long or have the memory not distroyed by drink an drugs but 2 years ago I built a frame for a friends lad. 
Well this is the result . 
I can't claim any kudos for design . Dowie gave me the photos and dims of something that he had seen and I did what I could to make it. 

I haven't actually heard that this bike was built from him. ( a friend took the picks) maybe he had to dick around with it after . I know the engine mounts were a bit thin, so I'm assuming he had to redo them. 
I'm glad to see it finished though and there are some lovely details that he had put on it. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep

A while back I passed a load of Dutch bikers (this lot abouve) on the road. They had broken down as one of em ( with the newest and biggest bike ) had a puncture . 
So after a quick chat a went home and got my van , loaded up the bike and we spent a happy hour driving around looking for a place open to do his puncture. 
Eventually we sorted it. 
There have been so many times that I have needed help on the road that I was more than happy to do this for them. 

I just got back from Frogland and there was a big box with all this stuff in that Hans , the Dutchman had sent me. 
Bloody top bloke Hans I hope to drink a beer with you in the future. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I Don't Go To Church On Sunday, Don't Get on My Knees To Pray, Don't Memorise The Words Of The Bible. I Got My Special Way.

Out of the fire comes the heat and with it speed or oblivion.

Dogs are great travelling companions not meny creatures are happy just to be. If you've ran out of fuel and no body will give you a lift , your dog will just say " fuck it . Look at this great ball I just found".
It's about time for a lovely lady. 
I'm digging this Triumph . I can't tell you anything about it as I stole it from Pinterest (something I ain't got my head around yet) but I do like the glimpse of the belt driven alternator on the front.

Another cheeky lady. 

Fz750 hooligan machine taken from French Mag Kustom. I miss my Fz.
One of the most exciting projects of mine for a long while. Boathouse I'm building at the moment in Salcombe ( if you ain't seen my other blog then this may be new news) . 

Thinking about how to build the next bike or maybe I'm just enjoying where I  on the planet. Mrs oily snapped this Sunday whilst we were mooching around France.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

I've Been Down So God Damn Long That It All Looks Up To Me

It's been 11 weeks since I fell on turn 2 of my 1st meet of the season and fucked my leg. 
I have been gagging to get back to normal and rather than wait for the overstretched NHS to give me physio, I went to see a privet fella . 
I owe the NHS my life . I have ruined my self so badly in the past that without them I would be dead. . 
But they are too buisy to give everyone individual care, so I went and got some physio . It was well worth £35 and ide happily pay it again. It not only filled me with  confidence and gave me the go ahead to start hitting it hard , but it also relieved my fears that I may have done myself damage by hobbling around on site lately. 
Me and Mrs Oily are now relaxing at her folks in Joney Onion land. I am in the pool all the time , every day and it's making a massive improvement to my recovery . I can stand on my previously broken leg and the idea of being normal (bodily not mentally) is not that far off. 
I found a mag out here "CafeRacer Dirt" that focuses on the DTRA and dirt track in general. At first I found this a bit depressing and yearned to be back out there fighting to stay upright but then I also got a mag "Kustom" and this just got me right excited to get back and build my chop. 
Life is good and it'll get better.