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Saturday, 11 July 2015

I've Been Down So God Damn Long That It All Looks Up To Me

It's been 11 weeks since I fell on turn 2 of my 1st meet of the season and fucked my leg. 
I have been gagging to get back to normal and rather than wait for the overstretched NHS to give me physio, I went to see a privet fella . 
I owe the NHS my life . I have ruined my self so badly in the past that without them I would be dead. . 
But they are too buisy to give everyone individual care, so I went and got some physio . It was well worth £35 and ide happily pay it again. It not only filled me with  confidence and gave me the go ahead to start hitting it hard , but it also relieved my fears that I may have done myself damage by hobbling around on site lately. 
Me and Mrs Oily are now relaxing at her folks in Joney Onion land. I am in the pool all the time , every day and it's making a massive improvement to my recovery . I can stand on my previously broken leg and the idea of being normal (bodily not mentally) is not that far off. 
I found a mag out here "CafeRacer Dirt" that focuses on the DTRA and dirt track in general. At first I found this a bit depressing and yearned to be back out there fighting to stay upright but then I also got a mag "Kustom" and this just got me right excited to get back and build my chop. 
Life is good and it'll get better. 


loveless said...

mate, been there myself, motorcycles hurt you bad, even after all that shit you are still thinking about racing again, respect due......

benchdonkees said...

Hey Rob, keep on keepin' on and get that chopper built, with Mrs Oily's blessing of course!

Pete's Man Cave said...

The next chapter: bring on the chop. :-)

OILY RAG said...

No Mr Loveless. I have decided not to race Dirt Track again .

Spud's Customs said...

I bloody love the french car and bike mags, I try and pick up the two you mentioned when I go snowboarding and am usually passing through Geneva airport, I also like Powerglide its a car mag but worth a browse if you come across it. Can realy understand much of em like but I get the gist and the pics are top notch.