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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sunrise Start Of Another Day, Sky High 6000 Miles Away . Woke up in an Amazing State , Don't Know How Long ive Been Awake.

Mr pete of county Chocolate finished my yolks for me and they look splendid. After cooking the bottom yolk on 160 deg for 1 hour and freezing the stem I bashed the crap out of the two items till they " fit like your mum in your dad" as a French man says. 

Pete really has done a lovely job so once I had pieced it all together I stood back for a view. "I was so satisfied, deep down inside like a hand in a velvet glove. " 
It's long and has the stance that I'm diggin. 

I even dug the old mudguard out of the hedge and widened it an I recon it will do the job very nicely indeed. 
I then I had time to put a tempory seat ( made from overalls ) and sat on it and made BLoooom BLOOOMMM noises. 

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benchdonkees said...

Lookin' good Rob! It's gonna be a long one, oo'er missus!