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Monday, 27 July 2015

It's Not Very Far Away . Takes About Half a day, If We Travel by Dragonfly

This is Rich's chop . He built it last year and finished it just befor we rode to the Nurenburg ring and back. As all in tested projects it had a few Teathing problems on the way. We stripped them Feckin carbs a lot , in the rain. But I had had a go and it was Quick , handled well and felt solid. I did piss myself laughing when we found the longest cobbled road in Antwerp, watching Rich bounce about on his little seat.

Well after braking his foot ( We look like a right pair of invalids) he has stripped , painted tinkered and rebuilt. And it's looking bloody DapperDan. 
He got a friend ,Pete Weller to make him up this lovely stainless toast rack . 
Its a new blog so it's worthy of support. So many are giving up "the Blog" due to The fact that it's a little more work . 
I like blogs there a little bit "magazine " too much stuff on line is Short and Sweet, like everybody attention span has dwindled.

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