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Friday, 29 March 2013


Actually im not feeling mean I'm bloody buzzin . 
After months on the bench, the bike just starts to become some kind of sculpture. But when you wheel it out of the shed for the first time and ride it up the road it stops becoming "a load of parts" and becomes "a Motorcycle".

I  started the bike and tryed to ride up the road but it was real slow to pull away. I was thinking that the gearing was shite (as the rear wheel was 2" bigger) or the carberation was out. Turns out that i was in a false neuwtral and was trying to pull away in forth..... 
So i put it in 1st and gave it a handfull...  it span the wheel then Wheelied. Fuck! its so light and tourqey . 2nd gear, down hill and the front was still reaching for the sky.. Holy shit i was blown away by it. 
We'll see how it handles the track next week!
 The bike still has wires hanging out and is still covered in grinding dust, so it definately ain't "magazine fresh" but im gunna ride it around the track next weekend and see  what still needs fucking with, before i tidy it up..

Saturday, 23 March 2013


 Yuka just emailed me all the Motorhead merch'
 Wine and bear i can understand but bloody Rose' wine Not very rock and roll it ain't excatly a drink that is LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE??

 Trooper beer!!! That's the way forward Bruce.
What's your poison?

Friday, 22 March 2013


 This week i've mostly been making stairs.
The plan with the ballustrades ( that's the bits that are vertical that stop you falling out and are great fun when you get your head stuck in between them as a kid) was to do a quick job and just half lap them on the side instead of setting them in pockets. 
This was a quicker option, but with some nice scribing and some small chamfers the overall look was bloody amazing, better than I imagined.
looking at the stairs afterwards gave me a big sense of achivement and pride.
This week i have been working with a grumpy fucker that is in his last week at our company, his heart isn't on the job, he has no pride in what he is doing at the moment as he has his next career, that is preety cool, on his mind. But it gets me down and pisses me off to be in the same room all day with someone like that. I know his next move will inspire him into life.

But what has become evident to me this week is the diferance between throwing shit together or working with care. 
 If you don't have pride in what ever you do and strive to do the best that you can then what is the point of doing anything. 
I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, I know all of produce some fucking brilliant work full of pride and talent but i just needed to vent my thoughts.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


This will be my first race (if i finish the Duke in time).
Rock up- watch me be useless- drink a beer-go home
A great day out.

Monday, 18 March 2013


I try not to steel too much from other blogs but check this bike out @ D'Wrenched

Friday, 15 March 2013


 My friend in Oz has just started rippin his Yam' TW apart . I'm diggin that tank.
 Its been a hectic week for me. some scumbag stole my chainsaw, tryed to steel our strimmer then set fire to the small shed all our garden tools were in, Fucker needs a finger cutting off.
At the time i was workin about 2 hours away so that was a major PAIN in the ARSE.
But to today i read that Ducatis charge at 15.5 volts which seems fucking high to me, but that is what the manual says (read earlier posts )... So that saves me a job. 
And my new boots arived today.
So here is a picture of Basil, because nothing makes me happier that a stupid dog .

Monday, 11 March 2013


I just got my tank back from the polishers and it's unbelivebley shiney. How the fuck am i gunna keep that clean? knowing me i probably wont. .
Now the seat unit looks dull so i'll have to do that as well. Thats the problem with cleaning things- It just leads to more cleaning.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


 I've had a solid day in the shed today ive had highs and lows.
High point; Front end all together and solid, nearly everything has been crossed off of the LIST and i finally got it fired up for the first time in ages.

Low points being that i've been fucking around with the wireing trying to hide most of it, then fitted a  Kill Switch with a lanyard that works the wrong way around, and the charging circuit seems to be pumping out about 15 volts (when reving). At that point i got fucked off and needed to clear my head. so i Pissed off to the pub for a Guinness. Im now listening to "Floyd" with a full belly and another can of Guinness so everything seems a lot better.
So here are some very Cheeky Ladies in some Dashing clothes for your pleasure.
There is even a chick on a Chopper..

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


 My friend has just come back from California.
He saw this very nice, oil in frame,Triumph (the fella has raced this bike and it is still in the same trim as he last raced it).
I love the fact that it dosnt have the standard flat-track style seat. and i love the boot infront.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Clays text as he sent it to me..  Its not as tricked out as a lot of the bikes on your blog but in my defense, I don't have access to a machine shop and paying full price is out of the question most of the time. So my fab work is with basic tools and pretty crude by any machinists standards.My shed is a one car garage and space is very limited. all the parts I put on it were used stuff i scrounged somewhere along the way. I never throw away a harley part no matter how bad its damaged.
   It is an 80 cu,in.stock motor with a 'B' grind cam. 4 speed tranny,kick and electric start an a squeamish beagle carb. I cut the front fender from a stock FLH one, the rear is an aluminum spare tire cover from an 80's chevy van. I cut it with a hacksaw and filed the corners by hand. It has a belt final drive with an early evo style wet clutch setup (and a skateboard wheel belt tensioner) Actually the skate wheel is just there to keep the top of the belt from rubbing on the inner primary (not the right one for a belt but it worked out). I got the bike in trade for a 1971 ford f-100 pickup truck. the bike had been sitting not running for a few years when i got it. It was in ratty condition. Some elbow grease and polish went a long way in making it look good along with some rattle cans of flat black paint.I decided to do a low budget rework cause you can't give a shovelhead away over here,yuppies are scared of them and wont buy them cause they think they are junk. Plus, I'm a cheap fucker!! Low budget was key to getting my money back on it.
Hope your keeping a firm grip,and remember,,rubber side down! Clay
Clay from Indiana sent me this pic' of his old, cool . He was slightly appologetic for the fact that it's not full of 'machine shop quality' parts.
I love bikes that are built in sheds with minnimum tools. I also love bikes built in machine shops. but i really appreciate bikes that are formed from blood sweat and angle grinders.
So can If you could send me pictures of your builds that would be great.
Email robgecko2001@yahoo.co.uk
Cheers. Mr Oily

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Sorry its late but i didn't realise it was March.
This months lovely lady is a hunter. you can tell because all hunters need a petrol concreat cutter when up a mountain. (you never know when you need to cut a channel or a drain)