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Saturday, 9 March 2013


 I've had a solid day in the shed today ive had highs and lows.
High point; Front end all together and solid, nearly everything has been crossed off of the LIST and i finally got it fired up for the first time in ages.

Low points being that i've been fucking around with the wireing trying to hide most of it, then fitted a  Kill Switch with a lanyard that works the wrong way around, and the charging circuit seems to be pumping out about 15 volts (when reving). At that point i got fucked off and needed to clear my head. so i Pissed off to the pub for a Guinness. Im now listening to "Floyd" with a full belly and another can of Guinness so everything seems a lot better.
So here are some very Cheeky Ladies in some Dashing clothes for your pleasure.
There is even a chick on a Chopper..

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