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Friday, 29 March 2013


Actually im not feeling mean I'm bloody buzzin . 
After months on the bench, the bike just starts to become some kind of sculpture. But when you wheel it out of the shed for the first time and ride it up the road it stops becoming "a load of parts" and becomes "a Motorcycle".

I  started the bike and tryed to ride up the road but it was real slow to pull away. I was thinking that the gearing was shite (as the rear wheel was 2" bigger) or the carberation was out. Turns out that i was in a false neuwtral and was trying to pull away in forth..... 
So i put it in 1st and gave it a handfull...  it span the wheel then Wheelied. Fuck! its so light and tourqey . 2nd gear, down hill and the front was still reaching for the sky.. Holy shit i was blown away by it. 
We'll see how it handles the track next week!
 The bike still has wires hanging out and is still covered in grinding dust, so it definately ain't "magazine fresh" but im gunna ride it around the track next weekend and see  what still needs fucking with, before i tidy it up..


oxygeneuk said...

Can't wait to see the back end hanging out . . .

OILY RAG said...

Yeah i rekon my back end will hang out next week. Ill be shiting myself before i get on the track.