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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


 I dont know what this white car is but it was so bloody clean , I dont mean no dirt, I mean Shaved smooth with no crap. Not even any windscreen wipers.
 I have maneged to talk myself into another project.
My daughter nearly blew a gasket when i told her that when she is 16 she could ride something like this bobber.
That gives me a year to build one!

 Anna-Fur-Laxis .  I dont know how i manneged to get a picture when she wasn't pulling a cheeky face.
Nuff Said.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


 Just got back from the Hayride. 
What a bloody brilliant weekend.
Weather was great until it PISSED down sat dinner time.
Wall of Death was Amazing as always.
The quality of all the cars and bikes was outstanding.
I met some great people, saw some very styleish bods was awstruck by brilliant dancing.

 I am sure i have seen this being built on a blog, somewhere?
more pics soon

Thursday, 25 July 2013


 I have been flat out buisey lately , im doing two jobs and organising the Exhibition in Bristol.; so as a result the blogin has been a bit weak lately. sorry
But last weekend i went up to Bristol to sort out some stuff for the Expo, Whilst there we went and had a look around Brunnels little boat.
Isambard Kingdom Brunnel  is one of my biggest hero so i had to get a picture next to the man himself. 
Thats him on the right.
People think i model my chops on Wolverine, Guy Martin Or Wiggins but thats just bull . Brunnell is the Sorce of mutton Inspiration.
 This was one of the first (may have been the first) steel ship. It was built to sail and steam across to America and due to the amazingly designed Propeller it was so effitiant that they didnt need to fill it with coal. This left loads of room for Passengers. Which was unuseuall. The rooms were still poxy small.
 How about this for a CRANK. It was abot 12' (4metres) Diameter and there was two.
It cost a bloody fortune to get on the boat but it was cool.
This weeekend we are going to the Hotrod Hayride 
so ill see you there or post some photos when i get back.

Friday, 19 July 2013


The pinstriper/ signwriter ( Cooper) cant make it to the Bristol show.
Can you help.
Do you know a pinstriper
Do you Pin stripe.
Email me if you can help please


Sunday, 14 July 2013


In the middle of Bristol on sat 17th of Aug. I will be organiseing an exhibition of cool shit.
IS an exhibition that runs in conjunction with the thebristolbikeshow.
There are a handfull of very skilled artists that will be all gathered together in an old courtroom it is in the guild hall court rooms in small street . Entrance is free but pleese feel free to trow some coins in a bucket for the princes trust.
Outside in the street (small street there will be bands and  hundreds of shiney bikes. Inside the only shiney paint will be on the canvas.
Adi Gilbert one of his amazing illustrations above, will be exhibiting his work.
thefooleryoftom will be there with his gritty photos of battles on the race track.
Ben Mesh- creator of mindbendingly cool screen prints will be there.
Ben Part- racer of Orange xs650 speedway chopper and Co-Founder of SIDEBURN  will be there with very nice photos, merch' , his ORANGE chop, and friendly up for most things attitude.
There will also be a sign writer painting things infront of your very own eyeballs.
And of course I will be there creator of the most wierdest Triumph (with a blown head gasket) and rider of a totally iapropreate Ducati race bike.
There is a facebook page dedicated to the exhibition . please have a look and put it out there.https://www.facebook.com/OilyRagsAndGreasyFingers?ref=tn_tnmn
please share it on your blogs aswell.

Make sure you are free on that day.
Come and support a group of people that are getting of there arses and doing something just because it can be done.
cheers Rob


Sorry i haven't posted recently but aswell a working flat out and burning my hands i have been organising an Evennt that will take place on Aug the 17th. 
I am nearly at a point that i can let you all know what is going on so that you can make the trip to Bristol and have a lovely day amoungst nice people.
Stay Tuned.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


 This weekend has been Epic-ly sunny and hot (for England)
It started with a trip up onto the moor for a beer on Fri night. 
I am not sure what the blue light on the cows ass is, maybe it was about to shoot a lazer beem at us?
 That is a road down there. blissfully windy and beautiful but also bumpy and slow.
 I dont know who oned this bike but i liked it.
 Then on Sat we road to Stonehenge to meet the bit Dutchman and Suzan
 After gettin pissed on sat night we went for a ride on sun with a big bunch of very cool friends. Thats my lass in the cool DM's on Richies Exup1000
 Daves CB1100 infront of a very cool pub
 Inside the cool pub. it was a labarinth of amazing shit.

A differant pub.

Monday, 1 July 2013




 After driving for 5 1/2 hours (with a broken stereo, so board i had to take photoes of my self and pull faces at old ladies on coaches) to North Wales for the race at Tir Prince The weather decided to be a git and piss on our bonfire. 
The race was called off. so me and a few good friends went to a hotel and drank beer.
 It's a real shame as the track was bloody enormouse , it looked so fast.
Its also a shame that i didnt get to try out my new shock or my hastily constructed front mudguard.
Crackers for Cheese.