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Thursday, 25 July 2013


 I have been flat out buisey lately , im doing two jobs and organising the Exhibition in Bristol.; so as a result the blogin has been a bit weak lately. sorry
But last weekend i went up to Bristol to sort out some stuff for the Expo, Whilst there we went and had a look around Brunnels little boat.
Isambard Kingdom Brunnel  is one of my biggest hero so i had to get a picture next to the man himself. 
Thats him on the right.
People think i model my chops on Wolverine, Guy Martin Or Wiggins but thats just bull . Brunnell is the Sorce of mutton Inspiration.
 This was one of the first (may have been the first) steel ship. It was built to sail and steam across to America and due to the amazingly designed Propeller it was so effitiant that they didnt need to fill it with coal. This left loads of room for Passengers. Which was unuseuall. The rooms were still poxy small.
 How about this for a CRANK. It was abot 12' (4metres) Diameter and there was two.
It cost a bloody fortune to get on the boat but it was cool.
This weeekend we are going to the Hotrod Hayride 
so ill see you there or post some photos when i get back.

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