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Sunday, 7 July 2013


 This weekend has been Epic-ly sunny and hot (for England)
It started with a trip up onto the moor for a beer on Fri night. 
I am not sure what the blue light on the cows ass is, maybe it was about to shoot a lazer beem at us?
 That is a road down there. blissfully windy and beautiful but also bumpy and slow.
 I dont know who oned this bike but i liked it.
 Then on Sat we road to Stonehenge to meet the bit Dutchman and Suzan
 After gettin pissed on sat night we went for a ride on sun with a big bunch of very cool friends. Thats my lass in the cool DM's on Richies Exup1000
 Daves CB1100 infront of a very cool pub
 Inside the cool pub. it was a labarinth of amazing shit.

A differant pub.

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