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Saturday, 31 October 2015

We all like metal and whisky. Livin hard and chasin down hell.

I know handle bars are pretty cheep , that's I why it's never been a big deal buying them. 
But unless you get to hold em in your grubby mitts and sit on the bike ( pretending your sat on an empty road in the baking sun ) then buying online is a bit hit and miss.

So I bought some 1" stainless tube . Cut a ply former . Filled the tube with sand. Heated the bar till chery red . Then bent a gentle curve . 
It was then a quick blast to My mates workshop . " hello Dave" where I used his mitre saw to cut some angles. 

A bit of grinding and welding later and....
DINGDANGDOO. A lovely set of bars. 
I'm right chuffed and they are even and level. 
Bloody result. 
I'm gunna cut em to length later . 

I took my rusty wheel rim and had it powder coated . 
I'm not sure why I chose white ( I'm a grubby fecker that hates cleaning ) but at least it will look nice once. 
Then I got a few spokes , to replace the ones I broke dismantling it, and a set of shiney nipples. 
Then rebuilt it twice , as I got it wrong the first time. Blame it on the beer. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gripping the reins of destruction , Made of steel in his hands. Holder of forces immortal, slaughtering all in his path.

I had a lovely day on Sat latheing away at my friends house . 
He cut a hole in my allooominummm plate and I machined up the axle / spacer type thingamy that fits in the plate and fits in the bearing which sits in the front sprocket. Now I just need some bolts the right length and maybe a few groovey speed holes in the plate and BINGOBANGO one outrigger. 

I also managed to tack some bits to the frame to hold the rear brake master cylinder and threw on a set of bars that I found kicking around ( just to get an idea of shape and length and aesthetics ) they ain't the right diameter but I do think that it's kind of in the right direction. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I met a poet said she didn't like the smell of it , then took her cloths off in a restaurant for the hell of it. I met a Dj who lived in suclution, reality and sobriety were her only delusions.

Easy steps to make an outrigger support for the front sprocket. ( because the sprocket is 40mm further out , to clear the wide tyre, than it should be then I need a bearing to take the load off of the original engine bearing , other wise it will be knackered in no time.)

First I luckily got a bearing that "fits like a hand in a velvet glove"
Then . What's better than CAD Carboard Aided Design is if you have a bit of plastic. 
See through plastic is DA DA DAAAA . See through. So you can mark all the centres of the bolt holes.
Then I made it from metal and realised that even cleaning it up it will look a bit shit.
So I'm gunna make a wood template and get it cut from 10 mm alloooominumm. Then it will look Bobby Dazler.

These three long legged beauties are from the Instagram of shovelhead98austin 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

I walk these streets with a loaded 6 string on my back, I play for keeps cud I might not make it back.( that was too easy. I'll make it trickier next time)

I've been in the shed today ( as you can expect) 
I tried to tick things off the list that keeps growing. 
I welded a lovely rack on the sissy bar, strengthened the mudguard that supports said Sissy bar. And started on the job that I have been putting off for so long. 
Cutting re-soldering and replacing the wiring harnes and mounting all the important thingamejigs. 
Unfortunately it's not a pan or shouvel head so there are quite a lot of Thingamejigs. 
I did make rather a smashing battery tray aswell . 
Unfortunately my phone is full of amazingly useful pictures so I had no memory to take any more. 
So here are some other photos instead.

Above is a bloody ace bike that Brad found whilst looking for picks of stoopid exhausts.
Lovely lady
Trike that is in the science museum
Last Wednesday I spent s lovely day wondering around London looking at cool stuff. 
I love cool stuff. It's so bloody cool. 
Abouve is the most amazing building. "The British Natural History Museum " 
Below is a lady enjoying coffee and a cake whilst every other fucker( except me ) is rushing around like headless chickens. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

I was standing on a corner of Winslow Arizona, when such a fine sight to see. There's a girl my lord in a flat bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me.

This weekend , apart from swearing at the rugby and watching a film about a bloke stuck on Mars, growing potatos in shit, I spent a happy few hours in the shed creating a fucking masterpiece. 
1st job was welding some brackets onto my GINORMOUSE sissy bar ( which look way better than my photography skills display) 

Then I covered my seat base in camping sleeping matts . Ready for some more skilled folk to dress it properly in the finest Otters pockets edged with the rearest ocelots gussets. 
Then when I was in the village the other day I spotted this killer bike. 
I could tell you who ownes it but I won't .