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Sunday, 11 October 2015

I walk these streets with a loaded 6 string on my back, I play for keeps cud I might not make it back.( that was too easy. I'll make it trickier next time)

I've been in the shed today ( as you can expect) 
I tried to tick things off the list that keeps growing. 
I welded a lovely rack on the sissy bar, strengthened the mudguard that supports said Sissy bar. And started on the job that I have been putting off for so long. 
Cutting re-soldering and replacing the wiring harnes and mounting all the important thingamejigs. 
Unfortunately it's not a pan or shouvel head so there are quite a lot of Thingamejigs. 
I did make rather a smashing battery tray aswell . 
Unfortunately my phone is full of amazingly useful pictures so I had no memory to take any more. 
So here are some other photos instead.

Above is a bloody ace bike that Brad found whilst looking for picks of stoopid exhausts.
Lovely lady
Trike that is in the science museum
Last Wednesday I spent s lovely day wondering around London looking at cool stuff. 
I love cool stuff. It's so bloody cool. 
Abouve is the most amazing building. "The British Natural History Museum " 
Below is a lady enjoying coffee and a cake whilst every other fucker( except me ) is rushing around like headless chickens. 

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Brad Hardman said...

I hate being in London. However, I love that Kawasaki!