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Saturday, 31 October 2015

We all like metal and whisky. Livin hard and chasin down hell.

I know handle bars are pretty cheep , that's I why it's never been a big deal buying them. 
But unless you get to hold em in your grubby mitts and sit on the bike ( pretending your sat on an empty road in the baking sun ) then buying online is a bit hit and miss.

So I bought some 1" stainless tube . Cut a ply former . Filled the tube with sand. Heated the bar till chery red . Then bent a gentle curve . 
It was then a quick blast to My mates workshop . " hello Dave" where I used his mitre saw to cut some angles. 

A bit of grinding and welding later and....
DINGDANGDOO. A lovely set of bars. 
I'm right chuffed and they are even and level. 
Bloody result. 
I'm gunna cut em to length later . 

I took my rusty wheel rim and had it powder coated . 
I'm not sure why I chose white ( I'm a grubby fecker that hates cleaning ) but at least it will look nice once. 
Then I got a few spokes , to replace the ones I broke dismantling it, and a set of shiney nipples. 
Then rebuilt it twice , as I got it wrong the first time. Blame it on the beer. 


benchdonkees said...

Good work Rob, at this rate it'll be back on the road next week!!
How's the leg doing, it all good now?

Paul said...

Love those bars! Agree, buying this stuff online can be a lottery... it's also the quality that one cannot feel.