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Sunday, 18 October 2015

I met a poet said she didn't like the smell of it , then took her cloths off in a restaurant for the hell of it. I met a Dj who lived in suclution, reality and sobriety were her only delusions.

Easy steps to make an outrigger support for the front sprocket. ( because the sprocket is 40mm further out , to clear the wide tyre, than it should be then I need a bearing to take the load off of the original engine bearing , other wise it will be knackered in no time.)

First I luckily got a bearing that "fits like a hand in a velvet glove"
Then . What's better than CAD Carboard Aided Design is if you have a bit of plastic. 
See through plastic is DA DA DAAAA . See through. So you can mark all the centres of the bolt holes.
Then I made it from metal and realised that even cleaning it up it will look a bit shit.
So I'm gunna make a wood template and get it cut from 10 mm alloooominumm. Then it will look Bobby Dazler.

These three long legged beauties are from the Instagram of shovelhead98austin 


Pete's Man Cave said...

Shout if you want the template made

747 said...

And thirty foot smurphs.