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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gripping the reins of destruction , Made of steel in his hands. Holder of forces immortal, slaughtering all in his path.

I had a lovely day on Sat latheing away at my friends house . 
He cut a hole in my allooominummm plate and I machined up the axle / spacer type thingamy that fits in the plate and fits in the bearing which sits in the front sprocket. Now I just need some bolts the right length and maybe a few groovey speed holes in the plate and BINGOBANGO one outrigger. 

I also managed to tack some bits to the frame to hold the rear brake master cylinder and threw on a set of bars that I found kicking around ( just to get an idea of shape and length and aesthetics ) they ain't the right diameter but I do think that it's kind of in the right direction. 

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