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Monday, 19 May 2014


These two pickys were taken buy Long Jon Silver ( Pete) 
Pete did his leg in good an propper last year , as a result he has not raced this season yet . Which is a shame , but he has still put the effort in an attended the races so far . He is planing on dippin his toe in slowly (with regards to racing) so he will start slowly by racing his RD350 at DIRTQUAKE . "Fuckin nutt job"
He was well tickled with this pick he took of 'Oily' in a bin that clearly stats "no oil"
I love this shot of the blue Trumpet, framed by Blue.
That's bloody ART that is.

Frank Chatokine's t100 read about it in SIDEBURN . You can tell I took this cus my finger is in it. 
Bloody top truck. I would love to style into a race in that , I don't care how much the fuel there would cost. 

As for the racing.
The best thing is that I could still work on Mon , unlike a couple of unlucky folk. 
There was a high side that caused a pile up with Anthony organiser of DTRA stuck under 2 bikes . There was countless high sides . Gary (SIDEBURN) and Drogo both had very sore shoulders and there was some poor bloke who was tacken to hospital , not too sure who he was or why he was on a stretcher. 
All this phyced me out a bit so I failed to make the final. 
Oh well I'll just chalk it up to a nice day out in the sun with a load of mates. 
Roll on Scunthorpe June15

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Today I'll mostly be cramming everything into a very small space . Then driving to Coventry. 
On Sunday I'll be mostly going as fast as I can in a generally left turn direction and trying not to get run over. 
Show up at Coventry speedway an have a laff
12:00 onwards , free entry. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Very cool XR

I've been really crap posting on my blog lately. I've been real buisy . I know that's not an excuse so I'll run out into the field and beat myself with nettles. 

I'm racing on Sun at Coventry

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Yesterday I realised my hill climbe was today and not tomorow. 
Yesterday being POETS day ment I went to the pub after work. 
Sometimes when you are in a pub you drink a beer by yourself , relax and reflect on the past week. After 1 pint you feel refreshed and wanting to rush home and give your favorite lady a big snog. 
Other times you find yourself amongst a lot of very cool folk , yarning and having a right laff. 
Do not fight the urge to enjoy your exact place in space and time. Send aesage to your lovely wife , drink more beer then wobble home armed with wine and flowers .
That was what happend last night. 
As a result, when I awoke at 5:30 this morning and looked at the rain out side I decided racing was not the best idea!
 So I jumped on the sportster blasted out to have brekie with two of my favorite friends. Then had a lovely morning with Vonzeti 
Bert and his family are great friends of mine , they make beautiful seats , tanks and sub-frames. They also make great coffee and always make me feel very welcome. 
Bert ( abouve ) gave me an Adze as a 'welcome to the real world' when I started working for myself. 

I have spent their bing there measuring and trying seat unit for my sportster. My mate says it's like going to a hat shop. Fucking brilliant analogy. 
Anyway result is that this is the base tat will be extended and narrowed so that it looks the bollocks. 
It's gota be right as me an me Mrs will be sat on it all over Portugal this summer . An I'll be racing this heavy fecker at DIRTQUAKE this year. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Bloody sweet A65 I saw on Twatter . 
I want to race one of these. 
I had an A50 an it was slow but bloody ace , light and pretty solid. 
Or I may keep my eye open for a Bultaco an build an Astro copy

Befor I can afford one of either. I'll be racing this Sunday At Wiscombe hill climb near Honiton. I'm not sure the Duke will pass scrutinering or weather I'll dig racing on damp roads with cold tyres but I'll have a bash an see what happens. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oily rags in Bristol

We spent the day in Bristol today . The place was bloody buzzin . It was ace. 

There wernt any bikes there as they were all in Paignton . Bu I was there to help my folks set up a gallery. 
I maybe doing something very cool there soon , Keep posted. 

For a country bumpkin like me city's normally mash my sweed. But I can cope very well with this one. I just need to seek a few cabins and I can make it a reality. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Richies Picks

These pics where sent to me by Captain Buggernuts.
Because they are bloody cool.

I love the way that this guy is facing the wrong way, completely oblivious to the carnage right behind him. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Mrs May....

I'm gettin a board with the builder chick Callander . 
They lack a little style and sassyness . 
I know there stood by a pile of bricks with a gas torch in there hands but I'm sure all that is happening between there ears is ????????????
So I'm gunna shop around for some real beauties from now on. 
Here is the first.......
The best thing about Grotbags is that she hates kids and Emu's.
Can't argue with that. 
On the down side she does hang around with a gay crocodile ( don't get me wrong I'm totally cool with gay folk and totally cool with crocodiles . But both at the same time is a recipy for disaster).
Oh well here's to Grotbags .
Sleep well..