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Monday, 19 May 2014


These two pickys were taken buy Long Jon Silver ( Pete) 
Pete did his leg in good an propper last year , as a result he has not raced this season yet . Which is a shame , but he has still put the effort in an attended the races so far . He is planing on dippin his toe in slowly (with regards to racing) so he will start slowly by racing his RD350 at DIRTQUAKE . "Fuckin nutt job"
He was well tickled with this pick he took of 'Oily' in a bin that clearly stats "no oil"
I love this shot of the blue Trumpet, framed by Blue.
That's bloody ART that is.

Frank Chatokine's t100 read about it in SIDEBURN . You can tell I took this cus my finger is in it. 
Bloody top truck. I would love to style into a race in that , I don't care how much the fuel there would cost. 

As for the racing.
The best thing is that I could still work on Mon , unlike a couple of unlucky folk. 
There was a high side that caused a pile up with Anthony organiser of DTRA stuck under 2 bikes . There was countless high sides . Gary (SIDEBURN) and Drogo both had very sore shoulders and there was some poor bloke who was tacken to hospital , not too sure who he was or why he was on a stretcher. 
All this phyced me out a bit so I failed to make the final. 
Oh well I'll just chalk it up to a nice day out in the sun with a load of mates. 
Roll on Scunthorpe June15

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andyrotax said...

Daz said you didn't fall off, that true?