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Saturday, 10 May 2014


Yesterday I realised my hill climbe was today and not tomorow. 
Yesterday being POETS day ment I went to the pub after work. 
Sometimes when you are in a pub you drink a beer by yourself , relax and reflect on the past week. After 1 pint you feel refreshed and wanting to rush home and give your favorite lady a big snog. 
Other times you find yourself amongst a lot of very cool folk , yarning and having a right laff. 
Do not fight the urge to enjoy your exact place in space and time. Send aesage to your lovely wife , drink more beer then wobble home armed with wine and flowers .
That was what happend last night. 
As a result, when I awoke at 5:30 this morning and looked at the rain out side I decided racing was not the best idea!
 So I jumped on the sportster blasted out to have brekie with two of my favorite friends. Then had a lovely morning with Vonzeti 
Bert and his family are great friends of mine , they make beautiful seats , tanks and sub-frames. They also make great coffee and always make me feel very welcome. 
Bert ( abouve ) gave me an Adze as a 'welcome to the real world' when I started working for myself. 

I have spent their bing there measuring and trying seat unit for my sportster. My mate says it's like going to a hat shop. Fucking brilliant analogy. 
Anyway result is that this is the base tat will be extended and narrowed so that it looks the bollocks. 
It's gota be right as me an me Mrs will be sat on it all over Portugal this summer . An I'll be racing this heavy fecker at DIRTQUAKE this year. 

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andyrotax said...

All in all a great day, life is for living after all!!