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Friday, 2 May 2014

Mrs May....

I'm gettin a board with the builder chick Callander . 
They lack a little style and sassyness . 
I know there stood by a pile of bricks with a gas torch in there hands but I'm sure all that is happening between there ears is ????????????
So I'm gunna shop around for some real beauties from now on. 
Here is the first.......
The best thing about Grotbags is that she hates kids and Emu's.
Can't argue with that. 
On the down side she does hang around with a gay crocodile ( don't get me wrong I'm totally cool with gay folk and totally cool with crocodiles . But both at the same time is a recipy for disaster).
Oh well here's to Grotbags .
Sleep well..


stevegayton said...

I never noticed before but she is a bit, well you know, you would wouldn't you?

OILY RAG said...

Why not. My first girl friend had green hair.